AutoPilot SaaS – powered by CloudPrime



Subscription service providing monitoring and diagnostics for:

EMA Radar for Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud Services: Nastel Profile

Download: EMA Radar for Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud Services: Nastel Profile

  • Compliance
  • Message Tracking
  • Monitor Applications, middleware and transactions in a private or hybrid cloud
  • Extend applications to new locations
  • All platforms and technologies monitored by Nastel AutoPilot are fully supported via the SaaS model (Cloud)


  • Using SaaS, move costs for performance assurance from CapEx to OpEx
  • Greater flexibility /configurability via single point of control
  • Quality of a large datacenter installation with far lower initial costs
  • Lower demand on IT staff
  • No software license, pay a monthly charge
  • Self-service monitoring

Application Performance Monitoring from the Cloud to your Enterprise – as a Service

FAQ – Click to Expand

1. Please explain the infrastructure in place to support the delivery model?

AutoPilot SaaS has a two-prong delivery model. The AutoPilot software resides in the cloud and then is secured by CloudPrime. CloudPrime provides a fabric on top of the public cloud to ensure security, traceability, and guarantee of delivery.

The AutoPilot instance resides in the Amazon Cloud and securely interfaces with customer premise based applications via a series of CloudPrime software connectors. All traffic leaving the enterprise is encrypted before leaving the corporate firewall.

2. Do you support multi-tenancy?

AutoPilot does support multi-tenancy, many of our customers use this for private cloud deployments.

3. Do you have hybrid deployment models?

Nastel and CloudPrime together can support premises-based or SaaS models. The CloudPrime interface has tremendous flexibility to natively connect to MQ, JMS, HTTP, and numerous industry application or network protocols.

Users can elect to move between models. The monitoring interface is the same.

4. Is your offering billed directly or delivered through other service providers?

Billing will be handled by Nastel and driven mainly by the amount of utilization. There is flexibility in the billing model to be either by endpoint or by traffic volumes.

5. How do you handle dynamic workloads from a billing and turn-up/shut-down perspective?

The AutoPilot SaaS offering is dynamic in nature as the Amazon and IBM clouds are being utilized for elasticity and resilience coupled with the CloudPrime capabilities around tracking of messages and on-line data storage to ensure no message is ever lost.

6. Please provide your disaster recovery plan and resiliency architecture from a high level.

CloudPrime’s secure connectivity is based upon a network of software applications called Connectors that are installed in front of the application. The Connectors are responsible for encrypting traffic, which is then multi-pathed to routers within the resizable computing environments of Amazon and IBM clouds. Utilizing Distributed Multipath Transport Technology provides for guarantee of delivery, assurance of uptime, and optimized latency.

To ensure the security of all traffic, CloudPrime has instituted multiple layers of protection inside its technology and has enacted meticulous security policies throughout its network.

7. How are normal internet service interruptions handled from a technical perspective? Is the client without notifications when there is a loss of connectivity?

CloudPrime utilizes several Cloud-based providers and has router technology for routing traffic around service interruptions. CloudPrime will send out notifications/alerts if a user connector endpoint is down and all traffic destined for that connector will be stored for delivery at a later time.

8. Do I need agents installed on premises?

Some technolopgies such as JMX can be monitored remotely. Other technologies require agents where your application or middleware messaging servers are deployed.

9. Do I need a management server installed on premises? No.

10. Is communication between my business and the Cloud secure?

Yes, all traffic is encrypted.

11. Is the solution scalable? Yes, this technology is supporting some of the largest enterprises in the world.