Positive news about IT budgets in 2015 – The year of bigger IT budgets, consequences, and possibilities

Positive outlook for ITBy the claim of business professionals around the world, 2015 will be a time of commitment and expansion in the global economy’s use of information technology.

Emboldened by the belief that high-pro­file technologies can ensure their companies the best route to pro­fits and affordable operations, executives and IT staff are ready to spend more money on mobile, cloud, and analytics.

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Modern Services Demand a DevOps Culture Beyond Apps

Glenn O'DonnellGreat video from Glenn O’Donnell at Forrester Research on DevOps.

The benefits of DevOps span far beyond business applications and far beyond only the release phase. Business services are comprised of many components that fall under both infrastructure and applications umbrellas. These components come in a wide variety of forms (physical, virtual, and cloud), with the components changing states and relationships continually. DevOps becomes a necessity way of life in such complex, dynamic environments. DevOps relevance in new application development is well-known, but everything is now becoming software-defined, including the infrastructure. The same principles apply across the board, driving broader demand for the speed, flexibility, and dependability that comes from good DevOps thinking and practice. DevOps is not just for applications. It’s for everything you now do.


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Industry voice: Forget that degree: practical teaching is needed for next-gen coders

The UK needs Coding classes in high school…what about DevOps and middleware monitoring?


The information technology sector in the UK is growing rapidly. Technology is driving social change and, increasingly, it underpins the smooth running of our work and personal lives. We have become avid users: today’s average UK citizen now spends more time engaging with technology than sleeping. But we need to go beyond being mere digital consumers; we need a new wave of digital makers. Coding …

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5 ways to maintain a high-performance app stack – GCN.com

Monitoring can be highly effective when it crosses the responsibilities of individual silos such as network, servers, database and instead provides visibility, end-to-end.  This also includes the middleware that so many firms use to integrate their applications at the application message level. Tracking these messages can provide insight into behavior in addition to infrastructure health.  Visibility of behavior is essential for a high-performance app stack.


A significant part of the effort lies in simplifying management of the application stack ( app stack) itself, which includes the application , middleware and the extended infrastructure the application requires for performance . This requires federal IT …

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Defense Health shoring up IT ahead of EHR move – Federal Times

Electronic Health Records are a big priority for the VA.

Top priorities for the 2015-2016 time frame include the EHR, enterprise consolidation, interoperability with the Veterans Administration, application rationalization and the standardization of enterprise activities, according to Dave Bowen, DHA CIO and …

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3 Ways Cyber Insurance Will Improve Security Performance – Insurance News Net

Cyber Insurance to improve security performance…

No one wants their business security to be breached. Through the assessment process and the renewal process, organizations will be motivated to take steps to improve their security performance – especially if continuous performance monitoring is being …

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Behavioral Biometric Technology Possibilities

Security can be improved in the future by using  behavioral biometrics.  This involves monitoring the behavior of users and utilizing the behavior analysis to verify the user is really who they say they are.

ID verification methods are increasingly incorporating behavioral biometric technology. According to recent news reports, the U.S. military is looking into a “cognitive identity verification system” that will change ID verification standards and directly impact data security.

Recognizing Patterns

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