How can Machine Learning boost your predictive analytics?

75% of Business leaders state ‘growth’ as the key source of value from analytics but only 60% of those leaders have machine learning predictive analytics capabilities. So what’s preventing the businesses from achieving predictive analytics capabilities? The major roadblock is applying the right set of tools, which can pull powerful insights from this stockpile of [...]

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How Cloud Computing Enables Our Startups Success

Cloud computing is a key strategic component for our startup. The way it has enabled our Software as a Service value proposition is only growing in significance and scale. That’s important for us as an organization that creates differentiated customer experiences amidst expanding customer expectations. We never stop hunting for new ways to create value. [...]

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5 ways Digital Transformation will impact your culture

5 ways Digital Transformation will impact your culture: 1) Agility As you might imagine, culture affects strategic agility mainly in the attitude of the business to change, while many other cultural and workforce aspects impact both organizational agility and operational agility. 2) Collaboration New business models have proven to be very successful by improved relationships [...]

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How the Internet of Things Can Offer Your CEO a Good Night’s Sleep

In today’s highly competitive market, it is vital for companies to minimize inefficiencies and reduce losses to protect profitability. By using Internet of Things, CEOs more easily achieve their objectives and sleep at night. Grow the Business with IoT  – New revenue streams Insurance companies are turning to IoT to improve pricing accuracy, create new [...]

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Key Steps in Achieving Success with Analytics Efforts

Key Steps in Achieving Success with Analytics Efforts: Every business decision and customer interaction can be improved through the proper use of predictive capabilities.  These predictive analytics and machine learning strategies can improve an organization's chance of success. Most organizations are well positioned to explore predictive analytics and machine learning but many struggle with how [...]

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New Ways to Reach Millennials by Using Big Data Analytics

New Ways to Reach Millennials by Using Big Data Analytics: From politicians to businesses, it feels like we can't escape one discussion or another about the millennials. It's vital, then, for people in business leadership roles to ensure that they understand the mentality of this growing sector of the population in order to better understand [...]

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing adoption is a key strategy for many organizations. The significant business and technical advantages offered by the cloud are changing the landscape of how many companies and corporations operate on a huge scale. Put simply, cloud computing is a remote virtual pool of on-demand shared resources offering Compute, Storage, and Network services that [...]

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Rescuing Food, with a Hand From the Cloud

“We are leveraging the Cloud to solve operational challenges with technology,” said James Safonov, head of information technology at City Harvest. “It is strategic in terms of solving operational challenges, instead of figuring out how to keep the lights on.” And the challenges are many. With a fleet of 22 trucks, including two tractor-trailers, City [...]

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Making Application Performance Management Simple

With enough other things to worry about in your new business, you might wrap your head around Application Performance Management (APM). Why APM? As long as IT is the nervous system of any business, you need the tools to monitor and manage how your software applications work. By the time your business is operating comfortably, [...]

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