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CIO playbook: Digital transformation at scale

The impact of digital transformation on the CIO and IT is considerable. A world expert explains how to undertake transformation in large organizations. For many organizations, the digital transformation journey has passed from jargon and hype to planning and execution. The journey that fraught with challenge because it often involves change around technology, people, and [...]

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Build and buy: Key to forming DevOps environment

DevOps has quickly become best practice for the digital enterprise. But how should CIOs go about building a DevOps environment? Hint: Buying talent will not be enough. DevOps has moved beyond hype to become a staple of enterprise IT.As such, an enterprise IT shop that's adopting DevOps needs developers and operations people who can collaborate, [...]

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing adoption is a key strategy for many organizations. The significant business and technical advantages offered by the cloud are changing the landscape of how many companies and corporations operate on a huge scale. Put simply, cloud computing is a remote virtual pool of on-demand shared resources offering Compute, Storage, and Network services that [...]

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7 tools to help your company get started with big data

Many businesses today are grappling with a big question: How can we manage our data? While collecting it is easy, analyzing and understanding big data is more complicated. There's internal data, which could be structured data coming from charts and databases, or unstructured data, like metadata or text from emails. There's social media data, data [...]

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8 ways big data analytics can be applied by any CEO

How do big data and data analytics play into strategy development at the chief executive level? Should they play at all, or should CEOs and peers delegate data analytics to the experts? It’s a discussion played out in businesses around the world. A recent report by McKinsey (Making data analytics work for you—instead of the [...]

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Big Data Analytics Provides a Golden Opportunity for Banks

Banks and financial institutions are constantly collecting our personal data whenever we transact with them. The result being that these organizations hold vast amounts of data, often lying dormant. In recent years banks and credit unions especially, have started to wake up and are mining this data to extract behavioral and spending information. However, this [...]

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A Big Market For Big Data – An Outlook on 2017

Another year, another stellar run for the tech world’s darling – data. Big Data analytics and Business Intelligence are both fueling the growth of Enteprises all over the world, and also getting heavy investment within the Big Data market. The ability to gain insights laying dormant in unstructured data is enabling organizations to compete and constantly improve in spaces where [...]

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Predictive Analytics: The Future of Financial Marketing

Analytics has been at the core of retail bank marketing for decades. But despite the proliferation of data, the ability to effectively leverage insights for a personalized customer experience and enhanced profitability has remained elusive. Given the tremendous advance in analytic tools available and the processing power generated by cloud-based architectures, the banking industry needs [...]

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3 Keys to Improving the Customer Experience Through Data Intelligence

In today’s experience economy, the reality is your customer experience defines your brand more than anything else you do. And yet when it comes down to it, many companies are lulled into limiting their potential for growth by hyper-focusing on better design, more creative content or experiences as the sum of their available paths, rather [...]

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The 4 Key Benefits of Application Performance Management

Here are four ways Application Performance Management can benefit your IT organization: 1. Gain Visibility Into Apps Across Your Entire Technology Stack When properly designed and implemented, APM will provide you with the right levels of SPM transparency. You’ll gain visibility into how your applications are performing across your entire technology stack — whether they’re [...]

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