Key Steps in Achieving Success with Analytics Efforts

Key Steps in Achieving Success with Analytics Efforts: Every business decision and customer interaction can be improved through the proper use of predictive capabilities.  These predictive analytics and machine learning strategies can improve an organization's chance of success. Most organizations are well positioned to explore predictive analytics and machine learning but many struggle with how [...]

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Applying analytics in financial institutions’ fight against fraud

Using data along with other cutting-edge tools can help organizations make better decisions and step up efforts to monitor fraudulent transactions. For financial institutions, data and analytics can speed the decision cycles used to observe, orient, decide, and act in fighting fraud. Since the best insights are often at the margins of where industries or data [...]

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Application Performance Management And Customer Experience Analytics

For many years application performance management has been a trusted mainstay of infrastructure and operations teams. It provides valuable information to IT teams, helping them monitor complex applications and identify business critical issues. These 3 APM trends are taken from APM Digest extensive  4-part series trend report. Advanced Analytics Transforming APM: Customer Experience Analytics will [...]

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6 APM Trends for 2017

APM and Analytics: APM tools that do not utilize the power of Analytics will only continue to generate a plethora of data. With an increasing number of applications monitored and their associated complexity and interconnection, the amount of non-analyzed data will only grow. To dive deep into the goings on of the application, analytical capabilities [...]

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Social Media Analytics At Coca-Cola: Learning From The Best

Social Media Analytics At Coca-Cola: Learning From The Best Social media has become a powerful instrument and today it's inseparable from marketing. Aside from allowing for more brand awareness, social content creates many useful data points around them, and if collected and analyzed in the right way, it may reveal some interesting and useful customer [...]

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How Data Analytics Is Driving The VR Gaming Boom

How Data Analytics Is Driving The VR Gaming Boom: The increasing capabilities of smartphones has led to an explosion in the number of video games designed specifically for the casual player. The tremendous popularity - and profitability - of freemium games like Candy Crush has seen hundreds of millions who were never previously gamers adopt [...]

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How Spotify Uses Analytics To Deliver Its UX

How Spotify Uses Analytics To Deliver Its UX: Given how popular Spotify is and how familiar most people are with it, it’s surprising to think that, before its launch in 2008, users still predominantly paid for music downloads. As the primary software to go with its ubiquitous iPod, Apple held the keys to the music [...]

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Predictive Analytics: The Future of Financial Marketing

Analytics has been at the core of retail bank marketing for decades. But despite the proliferation of data, the ability to effectively leverage insights for a personalized customer experience and enhanced profitability has remained elusive. Given the tremendous advance in analytic tools available and the processing power generated by cloud-based architectures, the banking industry needs [...]

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The Rise of Self-Service Business Intelligence

One of the hottest trends in BI lately has been self-service data analysis. Most leading solutions are heavily marketed to business users with this tagline, promising fewer headaches and quicker insights than traditional BI. A recent survey conducted by Forbes and Qlik suggests that companies are enthusiastically agreeing with this reasoning. The survey’s respondents overwhelmingly [...]

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