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The changing face of Application Performance Management

Nastel Comments: The ability to support new application environments is brought out as an import element in selecting the the APM vendor that is most appropriate for your environment. Often, this includes monitoring and analysis across silos as Clabby says, both off and on-premises.

When I first started writing about Application Performance Management (APM), the technology was largely focused on root-cause application diagnostics and business transaction management (BTM). Companies like the now-defunct Optier were riding high based on their ability to track transactions through multiple layers of complex infrastructure.

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Original Author: Jane Clabby

Goodbye to a Competitor

optierUnusual for a company’s demise, OpTier quietly disappeared without press fanfare or news reports.  According to Gartner Analyst Jonah Kowall, they ceased operations in May 2014. Over the years, we crossed paths with them many times, competing in large deals some of which we won and some we lost.  We both had NY offices, traded employees several times and at one trade show our booths were right next to each other.  However, even though they were a competitor it was sad to learn they were gone.

The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) market has been rapidly evolving and customers are expecting more out-of-the-box than ever before.  OpTier had driven the Business Transaction Monitoring message for many years until their switch to a Cloud, Big Data analytics story.  They also followed Nastel in providing real-time analytics using Complex Event Processing. However, the Cloud messages appeared to be more about vision then install-able product and even with the $100 M invested in them they were unable to sustain profitability.

Nastel has been offering real-time monitoring and analytics for over 20 years. As a privately funded company it need only listen and respond to its customers and is not beholden to investors. It has a large portion of the biggest banks as well as many of the major Healthcare Payers and major high-tech retailers as customers.  Nastel remains focused on providing real-time monitoring, analytics and self-service to its customers.

If you are an OpTier customer, you might consider discussing with us how we might help.  We would be glad to provide a free assessment and establish a rapid plan for migration. For more analysis on this take a look at the article in ZDNet entitled “Nastel on competitors and company philosophy” by Dan Kusnetzky.

APM TechTalks 2014

Nastel TechTalks on APM for 2014Nastel is announcing its 2014 APM TechTalk lineup. The sessions are led by Albert Mavashev, CTO and Richard Nikula, VP Development and cover topics such as: analytics, tracking, performance monitoring, self-service, log analysis and middleware.

Please join us at one or more of the sessions and be sure to bring your questions.   The APM topics include:

  • Smart Logging for DEV, Test, QA & Production.
  • Tracking Messages Through DataPower
  • How to handle cascading problems with applications interconnected via middleware
  • Self Service for MQ II
  • Nastel AutoPilot – tracking, monitoring and analysis: a demo
  • Message tracking through multi-middleware
  • Use analytics to detect anomalies in composite applications
  • The Security Model in WebSphere MQ
  • Real-time Monitoring for Auditing and Compliance

If you miss any of them live, they will be available on-demand the following day at the same link.  Hope to see you there! The link for the TechTalks is here.

A Thanksgiving APM Adventure

Thanksgiving, after dinner with my extended family drinking coffee and nibbling on the many desserts everyone brought to our house seemed a great respite from the hectic days working for an APM software vendor.

Thanksgiving APM Adventures












But alas, peace and tranquility was lost as the smart phones, tablets and laptops appeared on the table next to the flour-less chocolate cake and pumpkin pie.  Suddenly, we were all shopping for Hanukkah and Christmas presents. And then the phrase recently only associated with was heard, “That &#%!@ website!!!” Continue reading

Getting to the Root of Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis in often referred to as the “Holy Grail” of monitoring.

Getting to the root cause of APM









However, if I have my Arthurian legends straight, it was never found.  We won’t count the Indiana Jones re-write of the legend… In fact the Holy Grail is more of an ideal and not something you ever fully accomplish.

Nevertheless, it was considered the most worthwhile pursuit; even if it is always a bit out of reach.  The same holds true for application performance monitoring. Continue reading

Bain is going to flip BMC – Are you at risk?

Who will watch over your middleware?

Nastel Technologies - 5 Great reasons to switch from BMC to AutoPilot

Recently, BMC one of the “big four” software firms was acquired by a group of investors led by Bain Capital.  This is good news for Bain as they generally make a lot of money from their purchases before they divest what is unprofitable and milk whatever they can from those stuck with one of their products.  But, is it good news for you?

Continue reading

By popular demand, TechTalks are back!

NAstel TechTalksTwo new TechTalks are in the queue.

The first one is:  Smart Logging: Supercharge Application Logging and Tracing. This TechTalk is led by Nastel CTO, Albert Mavashev. The details and registration information can be found here.

The second one will be another in-depth look at middleware management, specifically WebSphere MQ, led by Nastel’s VP Engineering Richard Nikula. The details and registration information can be found here.

Where Is Your Focus For Memory Leak Detection?

Detecting memory leaks*&%#* The system is running slow again!  Now what? Is there a space hog application sucking up all my resources?  Did we just crash? No, must not say that word…must not say that word…  …still running, just sloooowly.  I wonder if anything new has been installed… Nice if they told me. I overheard that something new might have been installed  last week.  Could there be a memory leak?  Are they checking for one?  Are they looking in the right place? Continue reading

The New Year Blog and the Legend of the Ant Olympics

Communication and Application Performance Monitoring

I think that beginnings and endings are very important  as they frame our experiences, clarify their meaning and put them in context.  This is true both personally and also in our Application Performance Management market Since, we are starting a New Year, a beginning, I have of course, made a New Year’s resolution.  My resolution is to not have any resolutions.  But…if I did… Continue reading

Does Your Business System Need a Health Checkup?

Monitoring patient records is person-criticalNot too long ago, a relative was in the hospital getting ready for an outpatient procedure.  The nurse put the ID band on her and walked away.  Upon inspection of the ID band, my relative realized that this was the wrong band as it had another person’s name on it.  It was a good thing it was discovered quickly, otherwise she could have had an unnecessary and potentially dangerous procedure performed on her.  Where human life and information are concerned, there really is no room for error.  However, the big surprise is just how much patient data is still being kept on paper with no easy way to reconcile and maintain a single central up-to-date version.  Continue reading