The Sky’s the Limit

Use application performance monitoring for early warning about problems and the sky's the limitIt should come as no surprise, but when a company misses on consistently delivering quality service to its customers, customer satisfaction and sales will suffer resulting in order abandonment, customer attrition and ultimately brand erosion. Continue reading

Is it Ho-Ho-Ho or Bah Humbug for Your Company This Season?

No bah humbug this season - use application performance monitoring from NastelYou’ve probably noticed that stores are already putting out their Holiday displays.  Wasn’t it just last month we were cleaning up from the Holidays?  And just getting over the craziness of Black Friday?  I shiver at the thought of doing all that again so soon.  I can only imagine how these businesses feel. Continue reading

Can’t We All Get Along? MQ versions, that is…

Can't our MQ releases all get along?You probably remember Rodney King.  All he wanted was for all of us to get along.  To peacefully coexist.  And really, that’s what we are asking for with the latest versions of IBM’s WebSphere MQ… to all get along, to coexist with previous versions. Continue reading

The Guessing Game vs. Application Performance Monitoring

Don't use a crystal  ball and guess the cause of application performance problemsI used to have a co-worker who had sayings for all occasions, but one of his favorites was “When the birds sing, the flowers bloom”.  The point he was making is that you need to be careful to not make a cause and effect correlation between two events, even though they seemed to be related.  Continue reading

Need to run multiple installations of WebSphere MQ?

Running Multiple Versions of WebSphere MQDo you need to run multiple versions of WebSphere MQ, 7.1 and 7.5?

You can.  We have a TechTalk by our VP of Engineering, Richard Nikula scheduled that will help you out with this topic.

Here are 3 Reasons to attend:

  1. Learn how to install multiple implementations
  2. Find out about some of the challenges of running 7.01.x and 7.5
  3. Hear about the difference between coexistent and multiple installation support

Check it out here.



Are You Up To Speed? Monitoring Low-Latency Middleware

Monitoring Low Latency MiddlewareTo align the business with the technology, there needs to be two levels of middleware:  A lower level of communication middleware to handle lower level messaging and a high level of middleware responsible for handling application and data integration technology.  A high quality level of middleware needs to be flexible enough to accommodate all levels of requirements.
Continue reading

Where are YOU in the Queue?

Where Are You In The Queue.Since the early versions of WebSphere MQ, IBM has traditionally delivered a new release about every 2-3 years.  With 2 releases of WebSphere MQ in the last 6 months, it does make you take notice.  Nastel recently did a TechTalk and published a white paper on 7.1 and 7.5 which went into more details on the features.   Continue reading

Warning! Danger! Garbage Collection behavior can slow your apps down

Detect Java Application Performance Trends It’s true.  Garbage Collection (GC) in Java, meant to be of help to the developer can actually be the cause of your performance issues.

But there is hope…GC can also function as an essential early warning system, letting you know about impending performance problems.  The trick here is to analyze the behavior of GC on your system and relate that to normal vs. abnormal application performance.   How do you do that?  Glad you asked…

Our CTO will be presenting a brief TechTalk on this subject.

In only 18 minutes he will cover 3 ways to detect Java application performance trends.

Please join us at: 3 Ways to Detect Java Application Performance Trends

Learn how to use real-time analytics to determine trends in application response times

3 Reasons to attend:
1) Learn how to spot emerging bottlenecks in applications spanning multiple JVMs
2) Find out how to reduce false-positives by eliminating static thresholds
3) Hear about measuring Garbage Collection behavior as a way to provide early warning for application performance

How a “Momentum Oscillator” helps with Java Application Performance

What goes up doesn't always come down - APMWhat Goes Up….. Doesn’t Always Come Down

Your day is going great.  Traffic was light, coffee is good this morning and the application release that you’ve been working on forever is being released today.  One more acceptance test run and it’s a go!  Life is good….. until the call from server support.  During final testing, the application started hoarding resources, otherwise known as a leak.  Abnormal usage continues to rise.  Support had no idea that there was a problem.   The server has failed.  Everyone from the CIO to the guy in the mailroom is in a panic.  This has happened more times than anyone wants to admit.   Continue reading