Nastel and jKool Sponsor DEVOPSdigest

DEVOPSdigest welcomes Nastel and jKool application analytics as a new Silver Sponsor. Nastel Technologies provides middleware-centric, application performance management with real-time analytics and self-service. Nastel AutoPilot monitors application performance across applications, platforms and tiers presenting its analysis on a single-pane-of-glass. Nastel customers include: Citi, DTCC, BCBS, Dell and Best Buy. With AutoPilot, you can detect [...]

5 Rules For Avoiding Datacenter Disruption

Vendors want to sell you the "new." But ripping-and-replacing the "old" can lead to catastrophe.  Hardly a day goes by without receiving a message from a vendor that demeans systems, applications, storage or networking gear ... Read the source article at Home -- Virtualization Review

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Know when it’s time to replace open source and freeware infrastructure management tools

Many small and midsized IT organizations rely on a mix of freeware and open source software to manage their infrastructure. These free tools can be effective and economical choices for smaller networks. But how do you know when it’s time to upgrade to a commercial product? Scale is one of the first indicators that you [...]

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5 database monitoring issues that need your attention now

As the old management adage goes, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” In the fast-paced world of IT, this more accurately translates to, “You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” When it comes to your database, a continuous database monitoring system provides the foundation for progress: metrics. Without a monitoring system, it’s impossible to [...]

The changing face of Application Performance Management – Computerworld

Nastel Comments: The ability to support new application environments is brought out as an import element in selecting the the APM vendor that is most appropriate for your environment. Often, this includes monitoring and analysis across silos as Clabby says, both off and on-premises. When I first started writing about Application Performance Management (APM), the [...]

Complex Event Processing Market Worth $4,762 Million by 2019 – New Report by MarketsandMarkets

  The Complex Event Processing Market is expected to grow from $1,005 Million in 2014 to $4,762 Million in 2019. MarketsandMarkets observes that there is an increasing demand of Complex Event Processing technology in government, defense and aerospace agencies due to the cost effectiveness and responsive operational technology, which can be integrated without disrupting traditional [...]

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Analyze This: The route to sustainable cost reduction

IT support can waste hours chasing down application bugs and glitches reported by users, only to discover there were no real problems in the first place. False alarms happen often, and cost businesses valuable time and frustrate users. Complex mission–critical applications–especially those apps that span distributed and mainframe tiers and use various middleware solutions-can generate [...]

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Proactive Monitoring and the Super Bowl

I watched the Super Bowl last night and like you, I was  amazed at the blackout that occurred after half-time.  Was it due to Beyoncé’s incendiary performance that drew all the current out of the power supplies?  It might be nice to think so…but, I suppose not.  Where were the backup systems?  Did they also [...]

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Visibility? I See!!

While sitting in immovable traffic after going to the theater, I was reminded of something I heard someone say… “If we’d have left 15 minutes later, we would have been home by now.”  At the time, this made absolutely no sense.  How could we leave 15 minutes later and be home when we would be [...]

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