Are You in Good Hands or Are You Dealing with Mayhem?

Are your applications running well or is it mayhem?All of us have to deal with an insurance company for one reason or another.  Pretty much every person in the USA is insured.  Each insurance agent has thousands of insured customers and each insurance company has thousands of insurance agents.  That amounts to a lot of people and a lot of policies to keep track of and provide outstanding service to.  Continue reading

The Sky’s the Limit

Use application performance monitoring for early warning about problems and the sky's the limitIt should come as no surprise, but when a company misses on consistently delivering quality service to its customers, customer satisfaction and sales will suffer resulting in order abandonment, customer attrition and ultimately brand erosion. Continue reading

Is it Ho-Ho-Ho or Bah Humbug for Your Company This Season?

No bah humbug this season - use application performance monitoring from NastelYou’ve probably noticed that stores are already putting out their Holiday displays.  Wasn’t it just last month we were cleaning up from the Holidays?  And just getting over the craziness of Black Friday?  I shiver at the thought of doing all that again so soon.  I can only imagine how these businesses feel. Continue reading

Life in the Slow Lane and Buried under Event Big Data

Get the alerts that matter in the fast lane with AutoPilot APMSitting in traffic the other day reminded me of a stock trading company that gets millions of system alerts a day.  Millions!!!  Do they all need attention?  Only some?  How can you know without viewing them all?  There is no way to personally handle such an enormous amount of alerts.  Continue reading

Unraveling the Mystery: How to Anticipate Application Performance Problems

Complexity vs application performance monitoring

Monitoring application performance is simple…as long as the application and the deployment architecture are also simple.  The mystery appears as the complexity of the application architecture grows and begins to span from an isolated Java or .NET silo into a full-blooded composite application spanning web, middleware and mainframe tiers. Continue reading

The Event Storm is coming…What will you do?

The coming event storm from big data, will your application performance monitoring solution be readyThe earlier you find an IT problem the less expensive it is to resolve it.  Most IT practitioners would agree with that.  What they will most likely disagree about is how to do it.  Some talk about predictive monitoring and say they can forecast IT problems before they occur.  Can that really be done?  Is predicting failure events even the right approach?

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4 Best practices for Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Preparations

Application Performance Management can help on Black FridayBlack Friday is just the beginning of that time of year when most businesses finally start to turn a genuine profit. The business your IT department supports is depending on you to keep the sales process flowing smoothly and swiftly. What practices can you put in place today to ensure your mission-critical applications stay up and running throughout the busy holiday shopping season?

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