Predictive Analytics Identified as the Top Priority for Healthcare Supply Chain Leaders

Predictive analytics and the use of data for informed decision-making top the opportunities identified by some of the leading healthcare supply chain provider firms in North America. The results are based on a survey conducted by Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) on priorities and outcomes for the healthcare supply chain in 2017. When asked what [...]

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3 Key Steps to Transforming Healthcare with Predictive Analytics

The healthcare industry has a data problem. There is an overabundance of raw data available, and figuring out the best way to manage this data has presented many challenges. For example, the data from patient records from heart-rate monitors is quickly referenced and then forgotten. The good news is, all of this raw data can [...]

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Four Ways Big Data Improves the Medical Sphere

Big Data processing and analysis are penetrating the healthcare industry further and further. Telemedicine, EHR, wearables, and Internet of Things getting more and more popular, the medical sphere is accumulating more and more healthcare records. To make this data useful, practitioners need a convenient access to the information, as well as the ability to easily [...]

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MIT’s answer to global health issues: Democratizing big data analytics

Discover how medical professionals and MIT researchers are using data-enabled systems to help doctors around the world make the best healthcare decisions. If you think it's hard to keep up with all the new software and hardware innovations, imagine doctors trying to stay abreast of medical advances. "While wonderful new medical discoveries and innovations are [...]

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Patient experience, personalized medicine, big data analytics garner top digital health investment in record-setting first half of 2016

Funding for digital health companies reached new heights in the first half of 2016, totaling $3.9 billion invested in 155 deals for seed and Series A rounds, according to a report by StartUp Health. The five leading investment groupings were patient experience with $958 million, wellness with $854 million, personalized medicine with $524 million, big [...]

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The Big Data Difference: Predictive Analytics

What if you could know in advance which patients would benefit from certain therapies? Or identify patients approaching a medical crisis and intervene before it’s too late? While doctors have traditionally had to rely on instinct to make these calls, predictive analytics could be a game changer for hospitals, healthcare providers and patients. The Power [...]

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EHRs and digital health tools ‘dramatically transforming’ care experience, patients say

Nearly 75 percent of patients expressed a high level of interest in accessing their electronic medical records, according to new research, and 33 percent indicated that EHRs have already changed their experience for the better. “The patient experience is dramatically transforming,” CareCloud CEO Ken Comee said in a statement. “Patients of all ages are actually [...]

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Top 4 Emerging Tech Trends in Healthcare Big Data Analytics

For most segments of the healthcare industry, big data analytics is still an evolving concept that hasn’t quite reached the mainstream of clinical care. The prospect of integrating disparate sources of information into a multifaceted canvas of patient experiences is a tantalizing one, yet basic concerns with the usability of electronic health records, the availability [...]

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Predicting and Preventing Health Issues with Big Data

For eons, healthcare, in whatever form it came in, was fairly straightforward. Someone would get sick or injured, and a physician would prescribe a cure or treatment using the prevailing medical knowledge of the day. This has held true even in modern times, where many people only think about their health during those times when [...]