Business Results for the C-Suite: Making an Impact with Application Performance Monitoring

APM is hot!We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again: Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is red hot right now. Although it’s a mature market, the capabilities APM brings to the table are only increasing in value throughout the enterprise. Application performance monitoring endures as a hotbed of innovation and cost savings.  Continue reading

Sorting Through the APM Clutter

Application Performance Monitoring

Alexander Podelko, a performance expert working with Oracle, recently wrote a blog post in which he takes a look at the current state of the APM market and what he thinks needs to change in order for companies to get the most out of their solutions.

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APM is hot right now

APM is hot, but you need an AutoPilotA recent article in NetworkWorld highlighted the surge that is being seen in the Application Performance Monitoring space recently.

The article came about after AppDynamics and BlueStripe released news that their revenues increased 400 and 700 percent, respectively, in 2011. And quoted in the same article was EMA Analyst Julie Craig, author of her own recent Radar Report on APM, who said she doesn’t doubt these vendors’ claims because, “APM is hot right now.

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Setting the record straight on APM and DevOps: A response to SD Times

Got APM?

David Rubinstein, who has been an icon in the software development publishing community for more than a decade, published a great editorial in last month’s issue of SD Times on the topic of APM and DevOps (Industry Watch: Behind the APM and DevOps buzzwords). David calls into question the terms APM and DevOps, noting there has been a certain level of confusion among developers around the terms and their meanings. The post includes commentary from industry players (unfortunately omitting Nastel Technologies from the list), discussing how they define and use the terms.

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See your way out of the silo and into better application performance

Application Performance Monitoring provides visibility“You were not in control. You had no visibility: maybe there was a car in front of you, maybe not.” – Alain Prost, race car driver, France.

Visibility promotes a clear picture of what is occurring in front of you. Not just on the road, but in the world of IT.

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The Event Storm is coming…What will you do?

The coming event storm from big data, will your application performance monitoring solution be readyThe earlier you find an IT problem the less expensive it is to resolve it.  Most IT practitioners would agree with that.  What they will most likely disagree about is how to do it.  Some talk about predictive monitoring and say they can forecast IT problems before they occur.  Can that really be done?  Is predicting failure events even the right approach?

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Elasticity – Have You Overlooked Its Importance to APM?

Elasticity!When it comes to business, no one outside IT cares about how you deliver consistent, dependable service — as long as you do it…and do it inexpensively.  Customers want a no-pain, no-problem experience at the checkout stand or internet shopping cart. The business wants to prevent customer attrition and order fallout by keeping them happy.  They also need to be able  grow without the expansion revealing inadequacies in the IT enterprise.

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