A Better way to Monitor JVM Containers: Stream JMX

StreamJMXStreamJMX is a better way to monitor JVM containers. Typically JVMs are monitored by using remote JMX monitoring tools. There are significant problems with this approach. Examples: how do you monitor a farm of JVMs without having the administrative headache of setting up remote JMX configurations, ports, SSL, etc. With all the talk about cyber security, JMX remote connectivity opens up a way for hackers to exploit these administrative ports. Continue reading

Website Performance Testing Tips and Tools

Nastel Comments: Companies must do website performance testing and pay attention to its impact on the end-user. APM solutions can identify where application issues are impeding follow-through on transactions. Identifying that certain user action isn’t executing before the holiday rush significantly reduces the chances that multiple users will abandon their shopping baskets and take their business elsewhere when that same application doesn’t execute especially on high-volume days.

Website Performance Testing Tips and Tools

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for a website to load. In the new era of mobile internet usage, this complaint is shared by many. Studies regularly show that many people will abandon a site if it’s slow to load – the only thing that seems to change is that the time threshold keeps lowering.

That may be shocking to some but consumers no longer have the patience they once had. Aside from impacting user engagement, a sluggish site speed can quickly see you drop down the rankings. A common trait with those sites that offer a poor user experience, search engine bots now consider this when ranking a site.

The truth is, with today’s advances in technology, it’s unacceptable to offer a poor performing website. Whether you’re a small business or vast ecommerce empire, it’s essential to carry out performance tests periodically. We’ve selected 5 of the best tools to help you out.

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Survey Reveals IT Admins Have Room for APM Improvement

Survey Reveals IT Admins Have Room for APM Improvement

So how do you preempt performance problems in an enterprise IT environment? That’s simple – use an application performance management (APM) solution. But, as we recently found out, around 40 percent of IT admins do not use an APM solution to monitor their applications!

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5 ways to improve cloud application performance

5 ways to improve cloud application performance

Application performance is always a concern. Is the code written well? Is the database optimized? Can the application handle load spikes? When the application is on a public cloud platform, however, developers have unique challenges. The biggest being …

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Seven points to understand about cloud security

Seven points to understand about cloud security

For example, real-time monitoring and enforcement of policies can not only address performance and reliability issues before the problems become serious but they can also detect and mitigate potential compliance issues. Automating in this way reduces…

By recognizing and addressing the specific risks associated with use of cloud solutions, companies can overcome their fears and shift from a strategy built around minimizing change to one optimized for change says Gordon Haff.


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Managing IT in a Hybrid Cloud World

Managing IT in a Hybrid Cloud World

Managing IT End-user monitoring ensures appropriate levels of service are being met; application  layer monitoring tests service levels for each separate application; and infrastructure monitoring helps organizations avoid large-scale outages due to infrastructure…


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6 Key Requirements to Help You More Proactively Monitor Your IT Infrastructure


It’s not an overstatement to say that application performance can have a very real and significant impact on business performance. Employees expect and count on immediate access to applications to get work done — no matter what time it is, where they’re located or what device they’re using. And it’s no secret that customers are perfectly willing to go to elsewhere if their expectations to engage through the platform of their choice and receive an optimized experience are not met.

To ensure that applications meet or exceed these high expectations, an underlying IT infrastructure needs to deliver continuously optimized performance.

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Make Closing the Application Performance Gap a Priority in 2016

Make Closing the Application-Performance Gap a Priority in 2016

Nastel agrees and provides these priorities in Application Performance: “… always reduce the amount of time to address the situation. Easy-to-use dashboards that clearly identify the source of the problem are a must-have to ensure your fluency in the complicated language of application-aware network-performance management.”

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Verizon looks at emerging trends for 2016

Verizon looks at emerging trends for 2016

… speed and functionality. SDN is a great enabler but it needs to be monitored and controlled and in 2016 we will see greater focus on this, for example by integrating Application Performance Monitoring , SDN, Cloud and Automated Vulnerability Assessment.

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