Goodbye to a Competitor

optierUnusual for a company’s demise, OpTier quietly disappeared without press fanfare or news reports.  According to Gartner Analyst Jonah Kowall, they ceased operations in May 2014. Over the years, we crossed paths with them many times, competing in large deals some of which we won and some we lost.  We both had NY offices, traded employees several times and at one trade show our booths were right next to each other.  However, even though they were a competitor it was sad to learn they were gone.

The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) market has been rapidly evolving and customers are expecting more out-of-the-box than ever before.  OpTier had driven the Business Transaction Monitoring message for many years until their switch to a Cloud, Big Data analytics story.  They also followed Nastel in providing real-time analytics using Complex Event Processing. However, the Cloud messages appeared to be more about vision then install-able product and even with the $100 M invested in them they were unable to sustain profitability.

Nastel has been offering real-time monitoring and analytics for over 20 years. As a privately funded company it need only listen and respond to its customers and is not beholden to investors. It has a large portion of the biggest banks as well as many of the major Healthcare Payers and major high-tech retailers as customers.  Nastel remains focused on providing real-time monitoring, analytics and self-service to its customers.

If you are an OpTier customer, you might consider discussing with us how we might help.  We would be glad to provide a free assessment and establish a rapid plan for migration. For more analysis on this take a look at the article in ZDNet entitled “Nastel on competitors and company philosophy” by Dan Kusnetzky.

Is it Ho-Ho-Ho or Bah Humbug for Your Company This Season?

No bah humbug this season - use application performance monitoring from NastelYou’ve probably noticed that stores are already putting out their Holiday displays.  Wasn’t it just last month we were cleaning up from the Holidays?  And just getting over the craziness of Black Friday?  I shiver at the thought of doing all that again so soon.  I can only imagine how these businesses feel. Continue reading

Unraveling the Mystery: How to Anticipate Application Performance Problems

Complexity vs application performance monitoring

Monitoring application performance is simple…as long as the application and the deployment architecture are also simple.  The mystery appears as the complexity of the application architecture grows and begins to span from an isolated Java or .NET silo into a full-blooded composite application spanning web, middleware and mainframe tiers. Continue reading

The best view, is a unified view

A unified view across all middlewareMany enterprises utilize middleware as the “glue” linking their application infrastructure together. This application fabric is usually comprised of bespoke and commercial applications, some of which are sourced within the company and others obtained through acquisition. For these enterprises, middleware lets it all work together. Unfortunately, the middleware solutions are often used on a department or division basis with a box of overlapping tools to monitor and manage them.  As IT is still for the most part organized in silos (see Silos of Shame), this can be costly at best providing a technology-specific view of status and with little overall visibility of the application, itself.

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7 Ways APM Can Prevent Profit Drain

APM can prevent profit drainRoutines—we all depend on them. When we don’t, not much gets accomplished. The same can be said of IT. If we don’t establish certain protocols, routines if you will, applications run amok. Business processes are interrupted and the business fails to accomplish its goals.   Continue reading

Elasticity – Have You Overlooked Its Importance to APM?

Elasticity!When it comes to business, no one outside IT cares about how you deliver consistent, dependable service — as long as you do it…and do it inexpensively.  Customers want a no-pain, no-problem experience at the checkout stand or internet shopping cart. The business wants to prevent customer attrition and order fallout by keeping them happy.  They also need to be able  grow without the expansion revealing inadequacies in the IT enterprise.

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M&A – Merging Your Acquired IT Management Tools

One tool to rule them allGood news: Your company has just gone through a merger.  But surprise, surprise: you have also acquired a whole new set of management tools, along with a whole new set of applications.  Also included, at no charge is a fresh set of application problems.  Oh boy.

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Childhood Games Form the Basis of Transaction Stitching

Is it a puzzle to figure out transaction dependencies?Building puzzles requires identifying the location of each piece.  One usually starts with the pieces whose location is most obvious, the corners, and then the process of building the puzzle proceeds by finding the pieces next to these corner pieces, and so on.  Usually, people work on one puzzle at a time.

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What Does Your IT Department Fear This Holiday Season?

What does your IT team fear?What Does Your IT Department Fear This Holiday Season?

Children and even older folks can live in fear of Halloween ghouls, ghosts, goblins, witches and warlocks.  To most of us, it seems a little irrational. It’s all just make-believe right? Yet, it’s a major Hollywood industry to turn out movies that scare your shoes off, especially at this time of year. They’ve learned there’s money in keeping the public at least a little suspicious that all these things are real.

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On any given Sunday, football teaches a lesson on why monitoring your investment is critical to success

Football, APM and Nastel“Fourth down and inches from the goal line, I’m wondering what they’re going to do here?” asks the play-by-play announcer.

“They’re going to take a time out and think this over; they’re wise to do that,” replies the color commentator. “I think they’ll decide to go for it, for a couple of reasons.  They’ve got a big, sturdy offensive line that’s been pushing their opponents all over the field today, and this team invested a lot of money in that stud of a tailback in the off season. They need to prove themselves, and punching it in from inside the 1-yard-line is the way to do that.”

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