What Do You Know About Application Performance Management?

Do you know as much about application performance management as you think you do? Take the following quiz to find out. It’s only five questions long, so it won’t take much of your time.

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The True Costs When IT Is Silo not Application Centric

The development of IT environments have naturally led to complexity. Put it down to the very nature of capitalism. Different vendors working together to achieve a common goal isn’t a common occurrence. Each vendor has over the years developed its own monitoring and reporting systems. This is all well and good for each specific application or system. It doesn’t work effectively when applications are executing across an IT enterprise comprised of everything from mainframe to cloud.

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No Fragile, “Cobbled” Solution Need Apply

The number of vendor’s vying for the application performance management space has exploded in the last year. Almost every vendor in the space comes to it from a specific strength and has expanded its core offering to provide some level of application performance management (APM).

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BTM – The Lime in APM’s Limeade

BTM – The Lime in APM's LimeadeApplication performance management is a lot like limeade. If you don’t have all the ingredients present you don’t have APM. You have separate ingredients that provide value on their own. Just as limes can be used for things other than limeade, the separate dimensions that can be combined to provide an application performance monitoring/management solution may also be beneficial to a business as a stand-alone product.

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Middleware is often neglected, but is no less important

Middleware like the middle child should not be taken for granted...In families with an odd number of children there is always one child caught in the middle. The first born is typically the leader, while the youngest is usually the more adventurous of the children because the parents have been less strict with that child’s upbringing, having expended most of their energy rearing the others. This leaves the middle child to question their role in the family, which is also known as “middle child syndrome.”

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Exciting times these are at Nastel

Significant wins at Nastel Technologies this year...The second quarter has passed and with it Nastel has witnessed an exceptional period of growth over the first half of 2011. The growth not only is being seen in dollars and cents, but in personnel, products and customer wins.

Some of you may read this and think of that old adage, “self-praise is no praise.” We prefer to think of Muhammad Ali’s famous quote, “It isn’t bragging if you can back it up.”

And we can.

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Still not sold on APM? You need to look to the stars for the answer

This week we witnessed the final landing of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the end, for now, of U.S. manned space missions.

Taking a page from NASA on monitoring application performanceSending the shuttle to space requires over 1 million pounds of propellant and 500,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen to boost the 4.4 million pound machine into orbit. Talk about an engineering feat beyond all others!

But we at Nastel Technologies are not in the business of sending vehicles into space; we’re in the business of providing solutions for application performance management. So while knowing how much fuel it takes to travel into orbit, how much heat the sensitive tiles on each shuttle can withstand, or how the payload doors are designed is intriguing, we’d rather hear about the real guts of NASA’s shuttle program, the software applications that bring it all together, how they’re monitored and how diagnostics are provided when something is about to go wrong.

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“Hey, are they related” – DNA Testing for Transactions

Ever look at a two people and ask, “Are they related?  They have to be siblings!”  One sure way to determine if two people are in fact siblings is to compare their DNA.
DNA and correlating transactions

The same scenario can also be applied to transaction monitoring.  Having observed two unique messages, you’d like to know if these messages are “related”.  In the transaction monitoring world, “related” means two or more messages that belong to the same transaction.  To determine this, we compare the “DNA” of the messages.

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AutoPilot Featured in NetworkWorld

Each week NetworkWorld provides its readers a snapshot of newest and exciting products in the IT space. This week Nastel found its new product, AutoPilot for Cloud SaaS Edition, included among the other offerings.

Diagnostics for the Trade Verification applicationWe’re excited to showcase the latest addition to the AutoPilot Application Performance Management suite. AutoPilot for Cloud SaaS Edition’s key features are self-service access to middleware message data over the web, and automated diagnostics for application and transaction performance in cloud computing environments to ensure application and transaction availability. Organizations can also be assured of high performance of their cloud applications and alert IT about issues before users are impacted. Continue reading

ITIL 3 and AutoPilot

AutoPilot and ITIL

If you aren’t an IT insider, something that describes most CEOs in the corporate world, the Information

Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is probably a complete mystery to you.   And a definition such as “a set of concepts and practices for managing Information Technology

(IT) services (ITSM), IT development and IT operations” doesn’t reveal much.  You probably aren’t aware that this complex system will take an IT insider with no background in ITIL at least 18 hours of instruction to just understand the general scope of the concept.

To simplify things, it can help to understand that ITIL is an effort to establish a set of best practice guidelines and processes for IT management. ITIL 3 breaks the organizational structure into five volumes.

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

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