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Is Cloud Data Safer Than On-Site?

The use of cloud computing, SaaS services, and remote working has meant that rather than data being stored on a single on-site server accessed only from a networked computer, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This has meant that employees can now work from anywhere they want without missing any data or [...]

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2016 Big Data, Advanced Analytics & Cloud Developer Update: 5.4M Developers Now Building Cloud Apps

Key takeaways from the study include the following: 6M developers (29% of all developers globally) are involved in a Big Data and Advanced Analytics project today. An additional 25% of developers, or 5.3M, are going to begin Big Data and Advanced Analytics projects within the next six 13% or 2.6M of all developers globally are [...]

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The Morning Download: Large Enterprise Cloud Adoption Set to Accelerate, McKinsey CIO Study Finds

The shift to cloud computing is about to begin a significant acceleration, with the biggest gains coming from large enterprises that have until now been slower to change, research from management consulting group McKinsey & Co. shows. “In the next three years, enterprises will make a fundamental shift from building IT to consuming IT,” a [...]

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If utilities moved to the cloud, would they use more renewables?

The cloud has been a game changer for various industries looking to embrace digitization. In the context of energy, it has the potential to significantly increase the ways in which clean and renewable energy resources can be made viable. Yet many power utilities are lagging behind their industrial counterparts in embracing the cloud and cloud-based [...]

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The cloud computing effect: Better security for all

Cloud computing offers lots of benefits, but improved security is not one that makes many IT lists. In fact, many — perhaps even most — IT pros still believe that cloud computing means a huge step backward in terms of security risk. That doesn’t seem to be the case. About 10 percent of our workloads [...]

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10 Myths about Cloud Computing

Cloud is recognized as facilitating “speed-to-market” – and for its ability to drive business agility. This is because cloud supports rapid experimentation and innovation by allowing companies to quickly try and even adopt new solutions without significant up-front costs. […]

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Why Switch To The Cloud? 20 Benefits of Cloud Computing

In their 2016 State of the Cloud Survey, Right Scale notes that Cloud adoption is up to nearly 95%. Why has using it become such as normal part of all of our lives? The simple response is that it’s better than the alternative. Technology progresses over time and society begins to adopt it. But the cloud [...]

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To Move Fast on Cloud Computing, Go Slow

The mad rush to adopt cloud technology is no secret. In fact, the tsunami of organizations that are racing to implement these solutions clearly reflects the need to have the best new “it” in IT. As TJ McCue wrote, “Instead of a slow-moving, fluffy white cloud image, the cloud computing industry should use a tornado [...]

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Cloud Chronicles: Why cares about the cloud

Nastel Comments: Having your business run on cloud can be beneficial but can also be challenging especially with governance. Cloud governance such as AutoPilot's cloud governance technology provides the automation necessary for businesses that move to cloud to rapidly realize the benefits of monitoring application and transaction performance in a cloud computing environment and ensure [...]

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You Bought Into the Cloud: Now What?

One of the advantages of a cloud infrastructure is that you can scale up easily – as long as you have the right infrastructure. Take the time up front to get your systems working, as you want them, whether they are cloud applications, data, or analytics.   Read the source article at Data Informed Original [...]

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