The changing face of Application Performance Management – Computerworld

Nastel Comments: The ability to support new application environments is brought out as an import element in selecting the the APM vendor that is most appropriate for your environment. Often, this includes monitoring and analysis across silos as Clabby says, both off and on-premises. When I first started writing about Application Performance Management (APM), the [...]

Complex Event Processing Market Worth $4,762 Million by 2019 – New Report by MarketsandMarkets

  The Complex Event Processing Market is expected to grow from $1,005 Million in 2014 to $4,762 Million in 2019. MarketsandMarkets observes that there is an increasing demand of Complex Event Processing technology in government, defense and aerospace agencies due to the cost effectiveness and responsive operational technology, which can be integrated without disrupting traditional [...]

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7 Ways APM Can Prevent Profit Drain

Routines—we all depend on them. When we don't, not much gets accomplished. The same can be said of IT. If we don't establish certain protocols, routines if you will, applications run amok. Business processes are interrupted and the business fails to accomplish its goals.

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What’s Behind an AutoPilot Anyhow?

"In the early days of aviation, aircraft required the continuous attention of a pilot in order to fly safely," according to information taken from online flight manuals. "As aircraft range increased allowing flights of many hours, the constant attention led to serious fatigue. To remediate this an autopilot is designed to perform some of the tasks of the pilot."

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4 Best practices for Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Preparations

Black Friday is just the beginning of that time of year when most businesses finally start to turn a genuine profit. The business your IT department supports is depending on you to keep the sales process flowing smoothly and swiftly. What practices can you put in place today to ensure your mission-critical applications stay up and running throughout the busy holiday shopping season?

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