Is it Ho-Ho-Ho or Bah Humbug for Your Company This Season?

No bah humbug this season - use application performance monitoring from NastelYou’ve probably noticed that stores are already putting out their Holiday displays.  Wasn’t it just last month we were cleaning up from the Holidays?  And just getting over the craziness of Black Friday?  I shiver at the thought of doing all that again so soon.  I can only imagine how these businesses feel. Continue reading

Life in the Slow Lane and Buried under Event Big Data

Get the alerts that matter in the fast lane with AutoPilot APMSitting in traffic the other day reminded me of a stock trading company that gets millions of system alerts a day.  Millions!!!  Do they all need attention?  Only some?  How can you know without viewing them all?  There is no way to personally handle such an enormous amount of alerts.  Continue reading

Visibility is Mandatory, Blind Spots are Unacceptable…it’s the law

Dodd-Frank will impact your Application Performance Monitoring effortsMake way, make way…Dodd-Frank is coming through. Signed into law 2010 it is now becoming a reality for Wall Street.  Not an IT issue, you say?  Guess again.  This highly impactful law will require ever more vigilance from IT to ensure that their businesses are able to meet its stringent requirements for reporting and transparency.   Continue reading

Unraveling the Mystery: How to Anticipate Application Performance Problems

Complexity vs application performance monitoring

Monitoring application performance is simple…as long as the application and the deployment architecture are also simple.  The mystery appears as the complexity of the application architecture grows and begins to span from an isolated Java or .NET silo into a full-blooded composite application spanning web, middleware and mainframe tiers. Continue reading

Business Results for the C-Suite: Making an Impact with Application Performance Monitoring

APM is hot!We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again: Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is red hot right now. Although it’s a mature market, the capabilities APM brings to the table are only increasing in value throughout the enterprise. Application performance monitoring endures as a hotbed of innovation and cost savings.  Continue reading

Making big data into small data

Complexity in big data can be reducedIt isn’t every day you get to write about Immanuel Kant and Big Data in the same blog post but last week Gartner Analyst Will Cappelli did just that. As you’ll see in his post, “AI and IAM: Will Two-Tier Analytics Become the Norm for IAM?” context is the key. Cappelli addresses Kant’s conclusion that human reasoning is a two-tier process that first involves what is—the contextual lens in which we view our existence—and how the pieces all relate to each other. From this standpoint, we reason and make decisions.   Continue reading

Don’t forget the CIO…he is also a customer

Keep Customers Happy!In 1909, Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store, coined the phrase “The customer is always right,” and it has become the mantra of countless businesses since. At the time, Gordon could have been considered a customer service revolutionary in the world of modern business. Fast forward a century and there is little doubt that the customer is still king. Customer service has even been cited by some as the only true business metric for growth. Happy customers are profitable customers.

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See your way out of the silo and into better application performance

Application Performance Monitoring provides visibility“You were not in control. You had no visibility: maybe there was a car in front of you, maybe not.” – Alain Prost, race car driver, France.

Visibility promotes a clear picture of what is occurring in front of you. Not just on the road, but in the world of IT.

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A rose is a rose is a rose is a . . . Nastel AutoPilot

AutoPilot provides early warning before users are impacted just like a rose does for a vinyardWhile driving past acres of carefully tended wine grapes on Long Island’s North Fork, I noticed that some vineyards planted a rosebush at the beginning of each row of grape vines.  Other vineyards planted roses at the beginning of every other row and at some vineyards there were no roses at all planted.  I didn’t think the roses were there to enhance the beauty of the vineyards, but why else would the grape-growers plant them?  I decided to find out by asking a local farmer I knew.

The answer was simple – roses are very susceptible to blight, so they act as an early warning system to the grower.  If the roses show sign of disease, pests, or fungus, it’s time to take action on the money crop – the grapes.  The roses act as the proverbial “canary-in-the-coalmine.”  The grower uses the roses to spot a potential problem to the grapes before it happens.

Nastel’s AutoPilot application performance monitoring solution does the same thing by via its pattern-based analysis using complex event processing that enables your IT team to find and fix issues before they impact your business.

The Event Storm is coming…What will you do?

The coming event storm from big data, will your application performance monitoring solution be readyThe earlier you find an IT problem the less expensive it is to resolve it.  Most IT practitioners would agree with that.  What they will most likely disagree about is how to do it.  Some talk about predictive monitoring and say they can forecast IT problems before they occur.  Can that really be done?  Is predicting failure events even the right approach?

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