Oh No! You’re Leaking!

Memory LeaksI have found that with leaks, it doesn’t matter how fast you bail, leaks will still take you down!   Although the kinds of leaks we see in today’s organizations are different than a water leak, a JVM leak can still be just as disastrous.  Continue reading

Are You Riding The Java Performance Rollercoaster?

Avoid the Java cholesterol and use APMWe all wish we could predict the future.  It would be wonderful to tell when a stock was going to go up before it did.  Unfortunately, most of us are not psychic.  In order to be successful in the stock market, you need to be lucky or spend a lot of time analyzing the behavior of the stocks.  Wouldn’t it be valuable if you were able to predict the up and down performance behavior of your Java applications and make adjustments to avoid unfavorable impacts on your company?  Continue reading

How a “Momentum Oscillator” helps with Java Application Performance

What goes up doesn't always come down - APMWhat Goes Up….. Doesn’t Always Come Down

Your day is going great.  Traffic was light, coffee is good this morning and the application release that you’ve been working on forever is being released today.  One more acceptance test run and it’s a go!  Life is good….. until the call from server support.  During final testing, the application started hoarding resources, otherwise known as a leak.  Abnormal usage continues to rise.  Support had no idea that there was a problem.   The server has failed.  Everyone from the CIO to the guy in the mailroom is in a panic.  This has happened more times than anyone wants to admit.   Continue reading