Real-time Compliance Monitoring at SIFMA

Win a tablet in the Nastel booth at SIFMANastel will be at SIFMA in NYC  June 18-19, booth #1207. We will demonstrate our solution for real-time monitoring of Dodd-Frank Trade Reporting compliance.  
The solution use message tracking across WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, DataPower, TIBCO and other environments to present the lifecyle of a reportable trade, in real-time.
If you are at SIFMA, stop by, say hello and see the demo.  
We will also have a raffle for a tablet at the show. 

Impact 2013 – Nastel will demonstrate its solutions for real-time monitoring of WebSphere

See Nastel at Impact 2013 in booth z2Nastel will be in booth z2 at IBM Impact 2013 in Las Vegas from April 28th – May 2nd and will be demonstrating our solutions for real-time monitoring and management of WebSphere and other applications.

Please stop by our booth and say hello.

We are also sponsoring a session: How Technology is used at a Customer for real-time monitoring of Dodd-Frank Trade Reporting (Session: BPB-3197)

This session will be on Monday, 4/29 at 12 PM in the Venetian – Marcello 4403 room.

Nastel presents on WebSphere MQ Management at CA World

See Nastel at CA WorldNastel will be at CA World 2013 in Las Vegas, April 21 – 24.

Our CTO, Albert Mavashev will present “Introducing Nastel AutoPilot for WebSphere MQ Management” – session MP105SN on Monday 4/22 at 3:45 PM .  Please drop by and say hello and learn how AutoPilot can help CA users monitor and manage their MQ environments across both distributed and mainframe tiers.

Nastel AutoPilot will be demonstrated in booth EC_MNF_620

Time is Money

Time is money when you are monitoring financial applicationsI don’t know of anyone that looks forward to balancing their checking account.  If you actually do it and don’t just rely on hope that the money won’t run out before you finish spending, you might find a discrepancy.  Was it your fault or an error by the bank?  Of course, it’s the bank’s error.  Well, truth be told…that’s not usually the case.  Put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine what it would be to keep track of billions of dollars and all the transactions that accompany that amount of money. Continue reading

Can’t We All Get Along? MQ versions, that is…

Can't our MQ releases all get along?You probably remember Rodney King.  All he wanted was for all of us to get along.  To peacefully coexist.  And really, that’s what we are asking for with the latest versions of IBM’s WebSphere MQ… to all get along, to coexist with previous versions. Continue reading

Need to run multiple installations of WebSphere MQ?

Running Multiple Versions of WebSphere MQDo you need to run multiple versions of WebSphere MQ, 7.1 and 7.5?

You can.  We have a TechTalk by our VP of Engineering, Richard Nikula scheduled that will help you out with this topic.

Here are 3 Reasons to attend:

  1. Learn how to install multiple implementations
  2. Find out about some of the challenges of running 7.01.x and 7.5
  3. Hear about the difference between coexistent and multiple installation support

Check it out here.



Are You Up To Speed? Monitoring Low-Latency Middleware

Monitoring Low Latency MiddlewareTo align the business with the technology, there needs to be two levels of middleware:  A lower level of communication middleware to handle lower level messaging and a high level of middleware responsible for handling application and data integration technology.  A high quality level of middleware needs to be flexible enough to accommodate all levels of requirements.
Continue reading

Where are YOU in the Queue?

Where Are You In The Queue.Since the early versions of WebSphere MQ, IBM has traditionally delivered a new release about every 2-3 years.  With 2 releases of WebSphere MQ in the last 6 months, it does make you take notice.  Nastel recently did a TechTalk and published a white paper on 7.1 and 7.5 which went into more details on the features.   Continue reading

What’s new, MQ?

What's new in WebSphere MQ 7.1 & 7.5Are you tossing and turning at night trying to wrap your head around the new features WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5? If this describes you, well you’re in luck. Our Tech Talk series continues with our 2nd event, What’s New in WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5.” Please listen to the on-demand recording of our recent TechTalk for a walk through of WMQ 7.1’s new features and those that have been recently added to WMQ 7.5.

Check it out here here.

Help Find My Lost Payment

Help find my lost paymentWhat happens if a payment doesn’t arrive on time or fails during the transaction? How quickly can your organization react before this becomes a costly error to the business? What can you do now to ensure this does not become a reoccurring problem? As technology continues to evolve, middleware-centric enterprises can use middleware monitoring tools to track transactions in real-time, determine performance problems and help reduce the mean time from problem occurrence to resolution. In our “chalk talk” video, Nastel CTO Albert Mavashev provides a more in-depth look and insight into how to monitor, analyze and act using real-time Complex Event Processing analytics to track the behavior of applications and provide an early-warning when they first begin to veer from business normal.  To view this video, please visit here.