Nastel Announces AutoPilot Insight Real-User Monitoring

AutoPilot Insight Real-User MonitoringNastel Technologies announced the addition of AutoPilot Insight Real-User Monitoring and analytics to its flagship AutoPilot Insight software platform.

According to Charley Rich, Nastel’s VP-Product Management, “Slow Web apps are a terrific way to kill revenues, harm reputations and drive users to competitors. The problem is, even as traditional datacenter performance metrics say everything is fine, users are tapping their fingers with impatience because of sub-standard app responsiveness.

“AutoPilot’s new capabilities handle exactly this kind of situation, and can automatically pinpoint the source of problems that hurt a company’s reputation with its client base,” he said. “Basically, we capture and analyze two very different sets of data: the subjective user experience of fast or sluggish app responsiveness, and back-end server activities. Our secret sauce is being able to stitch together both data sets, analyze it, and deliver actionable insights to correct performance issues whenever and wherever they occur.

“The key to making real-user monitoring easy to deploy,” Rich continued, “is the use of browser-injection technology. So in addition to the detailed web and server metrics one would expect, our software enables clients to track end-user activities across geo-locations, and it automatically understands and visually depicts the relationship between application topologies and end-user requests.”

The ability to synthesize insights derived from topology mapping, server behaviors, and user requests—along with presenting probable root causes of problems in an intuitive visual manner—translates to reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) of software issues and lower overall cost of support.

Whether a problem’s root cause is a JavaScript error on the client, network latency, or a slow Java method, AutoPilot Insight’s interface takes specialists to underlying problem issues with the press of a button. Detailed drill-down capabilities are provided in addition to single-click root-cause analysis.

AutoPilot Insight also stands apart from other solutions by offering natural language query capability that enables IT specialists to “talk” to data, enabling the detection of subtle, hidden patterns that enable solution of the toughest, most intractable performance problems.

Available key metrics include a full breakdown of page requests into all its components, browser-specific issues, geo-locations, top requests, worst response times, slowest loading pages, slowest server connections and much more.

“AutoPilot Insight,” Rich concludes, “is a unified solution that analyzes user requests, logs, metrics and transactions spanning the browser, web apps, middleware, brokers and mainframes. With this end-to-end measurement of performance you will rest easy that your users are satisfied and your company’s reputation is secure.”

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Original Author: Pete Goldin

Nastel and jKool Sponsor DEVOPSdigest

Nastel and jKool Sponsor DEVOPSdigest

DEVOPSdigest welcomes Nastel and jKool application analytics as a new Silver Sponsor.

Nastel Technologies provides middleware-centric, application performance management with real-time analytics and self-service. Nastel AutoPilot monitors application performance across applications, platforms and tiers presenting its analysis on a single-pane-of-glass. Nastel customers include: Citi, DTCC, BCBS, Dell and Best Buy. With AutoPilot, you can detect anomalies, end false alarms and stay compliant.

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Nastel Recognized in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for APM Suites

Nastel Recognized in Gartner's 2015 Magic Quadrant for APM Suites

Nastel Technologies has been recognized and positioned by Gartner in the December 2015 “ Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring Suites” report by Cameron Haight, Will Cappelli, and Federico De Silva.

According to Gartner, the market grew by 15.8% in 2014, the highest growth rate within the IT operations management market. In terms of market size, APM accounted for $2.6 billion in 2014.

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Nastel presents on WebSphere MQ Management at CA World

See Nastel at CA WorldNastel will be at CA World 2013 in Las Vegas, April 21 – 24.

Our CTO, Albert Mavashev will present “Introducing Nastel AutoPilot for WebSphere MQ Management” – session MP105SN on Monday 4/22 at 3:45 PM .  Please drop by and say hello and learn how AutoPilot can help CA users monitor and manage their MQ environments across both distributed and mainframe tiers.

Nastel AutoPilot will be demonstrated in booth EC_MNF_620

Warning! Danger! Garbage Collection behavior can slow your apps down

Detect Java Application Performance Trends It’s true.  Garbage Collection (GC) in Java, meant to be of help to the developer can actually be the cause of your performance issues.

But there is hope…GC can also function as an essential early warning system, letting you know about impending performance problems.  The trick here is to analyze the behavior of GC on your system and relate that to normal vs. abnormal application performance.   How do you do that?  Glad you asked…

Our CTO will be presenting a brief TechTalk on this subject.

In only 18 minutes he will cover 3 ways to detect Java application performance trends.

Please join us at: 3 Ways to Detect Java Application Performance Trends

Learn how to use real-time analytics to determine trends in application response times

3 Reasons to attend:
1) Learn how to spot emerging bottlenecks in applications spanning multiple JVMs
2) Find out how to reduce false-positives by eliminating static thresholds
3) Hear about measuring Garbage Collection behavior as a way to provide early warning for application performance