Detect Anomalies and take action before users are impacted

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Real-time monitoring, root cause analysis and alerting

Get the visibility you need to resolve problems before users are impacted

AutoPilot provides real-time visibility enabling you to see messages and transactions in progress. AutoPilot automatically determines the root cause of problems and potential before users are impacted. Removing blindspots, you now have sufficient information to know exactly what is wrong and are armed with enough information to start resolving it without first holding a meeting.

AutoPilot accomplishes this through:

  • Autodiscovery of application and system components, message and transaction tracking, end-to-end through your enterprise and across the firewall to your trading partners.
  • Native probes that can track transactions down to the method level or into the message payload.
  • "Stitching" IT transactions together to form a model of your business transactions and milestones.
  • Using the message payload, AutoPilot presents a view of your transactions and messages usable by the business and not just IT.

Get Self Service for WebSphere MQ and reduce the pain of the middleware team

Provide your stakeholders with self-service access to WebSphere MQ. You have full control over what they can see and do via safe and secure role assignment and policy. Self-service access uses a standard web browser without a requirement for a local installation.

The middleware team is no longer interrupted every time a different group needs access to MQ. Plus, development can now utilize MQ for testing and view, replay and manipulate messages in order to better replicate production problems

No more pain! No more eyes-on-screen-monitoring.

AutoPilot's advanced application analytics using complex event processing creates dynamic trends and avoids the nuisance and stealth cost of false alarms. Its approach to exception management provides notification when there is an authentic problem.

Eyes-on-screen-monitoring is inefficient, expensive, error prone and reactive. Be proactive.

Ease of use

Real-time, web dashboard to gain insight into your applications:

  • Role-based and configurable
  • Visualizes an end-to-end view of your applications
  • Presents views of your SLAs, policies, performance data and business KPIs.

Agent-free monitoring or agent based configurations - you choose

How do you get alerted about problems before the end user is affected?
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