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The core Nastel product AutoPilot monitors end user experience; applications (including mobile app performance); SDKs for custom application instrumentation; infrastructure (physical and virtual); middleware; networking, via simple network management protocol (SNMP); mainframe; and log files, all stitched together to the transactions they support. AutoPilot compares results with SLAs and reports/alerts on compliance. In-memory event correlation based on complex event processing (CEP) enables fast discrimination between real anomalies and false alerts. Transaction, log, end-user, and application flow analytics, plus business process mapping, combine to provide a holistic situational, statistical, and predictive picture.

– Forrester Research
Vendor Landscape: Application Performance Management, Including Mobile APM, Q2 2016
May 9, 2016 by Milan Hanson

AutoPilot Insight…provides an intuitive natural-language-based query builder that can enable non-APM professionals to rapidly analyze metrics, logs and other transaction data.

– Gartner
Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring Suites
December 17, 2015, Cameron Haight | Will Cappelli | Federico De Silva

Nastel AutoPilot was and still is one of the leading solutions to manage messaging technologies such as WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, and DataPower

– Forrester Research
Forrester Research: Evaluating Innovative I&O Solutions: Converged Application Performance Management
December 23, 2010 by Jean-Pierre Garbani with Eveline Oehrich, Erich Chi

Enterprise organizations face constant competitive pressure, have mandates to reduce operational costs and are plagued by a never ending series of regulatory challenges. Nastel can help these firms through its exceptionally strong analytics and correlation capabilities and its ability to monitor most of the major middleware platforms. These capabilities can reduce the number and duration of outages, obviate the need for eyes-on-screen monitoring, and minimize the number of tools required for APM monitoring.

– Enterprise Management Associates
EMA Radar for Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud Services, Q1 2012
Julie Craig

Nastel offers a complete, broad and deep APM environment that can be effectively used to track and monitor applications and transaction flows within a cloud.

– Clabby Analytics
Nastel: An Integrated Application Performance and Business Transaction Management Environment
by Jane Clabby