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APM, BTM, Cloud, Oh My!

Featuring: Eveline Hubbert, Principal Analyst covering APM at Forrester Research

In this pragmatic (and occasionally) light-hearted webinar we will focus on how enterprises can better manage the challenges of competitive pressures, cost and compliance.

5 Reasons to attend:

  1. Learn how to thrive during rapid changes in demand and still keep your customers happy

  2. Find out how to master the explosion of Big Data that our applications are creating

  3. Hear how to acquire effective staff utilization when off-shoring and outsourcing

  4. Learn about better risk management through vital insight into compliance with regulatory standards

  5. Discover how Nastel AutoPilot, a software solution deployed in some of the largest enterprises in the world can help address these challenges

Featured Speakers:

Eveline Hubbert View Evelyn's Profile on LinkedIn
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Charley Rich View Charley's Profile on LinkedIn
VP Product Management, Nastel Technologies


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