Nastel For Banking - Transaction Monitoring

Facing New Challenges

In today's tough economy, the challenges of mergers, acquisitions, consolidation and cost cutting are compounded with the introduction of new protocols and regulations. This increases the strain on people, processes and systems as you work to integrate processes and systems for improved competitiveness, better SLA performance and risk management.

In addition, customer retention is increasingly challenging. Your customers expect an efficient, seamless user experience and have little tolerance for discontinuity across the multiple channels such as the branch, ATM, on-line banking system, and your call center.

Nastel's Banking Solutions

You need the ability to track, trace and control transactions from inception to completion as they flow through the entire application domain. AutoPilot M6 offers financial institutions the ability to:

  • track the performance of transactions in real time
  • rapidly find and fix performance bottlenecks
  • see the impact of different problems on your business
  • prioritize and fix the problems that have the biggest impact first

With AutoPilot M6 saves banks time and money, puts controls and audits in place and allows you to monitor what's really happening to transactions to avoid penalties and lost revenue due to poor performance.

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