AutoPilot® TransactionWorks®

Nastel AutoPilot Application Performance Monitoring Dashboard

Get immediate, root-cause analysis and resolve problems before anyone is aware

You don't need to hold a meeting to determine the cause of a problem.

You don't need to hold a meeting to determine the cause of a problem. Be proactive and solve problems before the damage is done...the meter is running. But, in order to do that you need visibility and you need it now.
AutoPilot TransactionWorks® provides real-time visibility, tracking the flow of messages and transactions across distributed and mainframe, beyond the firewall. Visibility removes the blindspots that prevent you from knowing precisely what is wrong. This is deep visibility, down to the method level or even message payload. This lets you dispatch someone to fix a problem, knowing exactly what to correct and armed with enough information to begin resolution.

No more blind spots

See everything, everywhere and see it now. AutoPilot TransactionWorks delivers real-time visualization of the flow of your messages and transactions. It automatically discovers and tracks your message flows and transactions as they traverse your IT infrastructure. It correlates or "stitches" them together to provide a real-time, actionable visualization of your business.

These transactions can be point-to-point connections or they can be more complex and utilize a message broker to route messages between services. They can even be long-running, asynchronous transactions that you don't wait for, but respond eventually. AutoPilot can stitch messages based on payload. Often, this is the only way to correctly represent a multi-step business transaction. It can't be done via tagging or statistics, alone.

All transactions are stitched together to effectively represent the flow of your business, as it happens. This takes IT monitoring to the next level, putting what is monitored in the context of your business. Now, all the stakeholders in a transaction can get value and not just those in a specific silo.

Measure the performance of your business

Your transactions are monitored at every step of the way. The results are compared to user-defined service level agreements (SLAs) with alerts generated when these are breached or trending towards breach.. AutoPilot TransactionWorks provides charting and reports that show the performance of your transactions as they run. In addition real-time queries can be invoked to see historical performance.

How we do it:

AutoPilot TransactionWorks automatically:

  • Determines root-cause for problems with drill-down to the offending component, SQL query or method call
  • Discovers applications and system components, transaction flow and application interdependencies
  • Stitches transactions across multiple technologies, end-to-end across Web and legacy tiers: Web Services, Java, .NET, MQ and CICS
  • Stitches transactions based on message payload contents
  • Tracks failed, in-flight, completed and missed transactions
  • In real-time, measures transaction volume, latency and duration (total, maximum, avg.)
  • Includes user-defined, rule-based policies for real-time monitoring and automated notification
  • Provides audit trail for all transactions and messages including message payload, http headers, SQL queries
  • Generates reports about transaction activity on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Stores all of the performance-related information in a searchable SQL database
  • API available using XML over TCP/IP - for Java, C, C++