Featured Customer: RadioShack Corporation improves application performance with Nastel

RadioShack Corporation is a leader in the retail sale of consumer electronics goods and services through its RadioShack store chain and non-RadioShack branded kiosk operations.

RadioShack uses Nastel AutoPilot M6, AutoPilot WMQ and the HP Operations Center SPI for WebSphere MQ (developed by Nastel) for:

  • Monitoring and administering several critical applications that run on both their mainframe and distributed environments that are interconnected via WebSphere MQ
  • Nastel monitors WebSphere MQ and sends alerts to administrators and to HP Operations Center
  • Applications include: Retek Inventory System. It tracks inventory and distribution logistics.
  • WebSphere MQ is used for file and data transfer along with data transformation between their mainframe and other systems
  • Nastel integrates all alerts with their Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) solution

RadioShack uses Nastel in Test, QA and Production

Nastel was selected for its ability to consolidate administration and monitoring within a single, easy to use tool.