End the False Alarms and boost productivity using predictive analytics

AutoPilot is built on an advanced application analytics engine using Complex Event Processing for real-time analysis. It provides early-warning about potential or actual problems problems before customers are impacted.

One of our customers saved Millions and improved their customer experience using Nastel AutoPilot® - Study by EMA

Improve Productivity and Prevent False Alarms.

Responding to false alarms is one of the most significant components of stealth cost in IT Operations. It is hard to determine which are false and which truly impact the business. Inevitably, false alarms consume expensive resources chasing the ghost of a problem that seems to disappear on its own...but, unresolved, reappears and continues to create cost and disruption.

Stop Chasing High-water Marks

Typically, monitoring systems alert the user whenever a threshold is crossed and thus begins a never-ending effort to adjust thresholds to a correct value – an effort that is never achieved. Either the alarms are ignored or responded to; however, neither leads to resolution. Instead we have a storm of false positives obscuring the authentic problems that need attention.

Find out how one of our customers saved millions in support costs and improved customer experience by implementing AutoPilot.
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Dynamic Trends

AutoPilot's advanced application analysis using complex event processing automatically calculates dynamic trends, creating its own metrics in real-time. These can be composite metrics or KPIs that are based on multiple conditions specified by business policies.

Instead of just alerting when a high-water mark is crossed, AutoPilot can create a dynamic metric such as "change in rate-of-change" and effectively determine what is truly outside of business normal for your environment. In that way it can easily differentiate situations such as a momentary spike in load from an increase in new users from a true business impacting problem that could potentially cause an outage. And when it does alert on an authentic problem it provides all the visibility you need to resolve the problem before anyone is even aware it happened.

AutoPilot improves productivity using its advanced analytics engine based on complex event processing (CEP) to calculate a dynamic trend. Instead of generating false alarms at each peak - CEP dynamically creates its own metrics based on the events it receives from collectors, turning them into actionable information and correctly alerts on the authentic problem shown at the last peak. This results in lower cost, fewer incidents and more effective staff utilization.