Reduce Costs

If your company is like most in these challenging economic times, reducing costs and efficiently utilizing existing resources is a corporate mandate. Nastel's AutoPilot has proven that it can help companies significantly cut costs and maximize resources in a number of critical ways.

Freeing Valuable Staff Time

IT staff at one of the largest regional banks in the US was spending hours and sometimes days doing tedious detective work to find the source of performance bottlenecks. Within just one week of using AutoPilot M6, they were able to apply policies and filtering rules to zero in on the actionable alerts to instantly isolate the root cause. This freed up hundreds of staff hours a month.

Improving Performance

A large upscale department store chain always ran more shifts during the holidays and other peak shopping seasons. The spike in transaction volumes caused major slowdowns. Their solution was to keep adding more servers to handle the load. AutoPilot M6 enabled them to monitor application transactions, revealing within just a few days that the problem was not bandwidth but timing: as the shifts ended and users uploaded their transactions, the application was swamped. By simply staggering the timing of their shifts' releases, they completely eliminated the performance degradations without spending a penny.

A Solution That Pays For Itself

A large electronics retailer had a corporate initiative to "go green". With AutoPilot M6, the IT team was able to map the critical path of transaction flows across all of the different systems end-to-end and see usage patterns and trends in workload. As a result, they found that many of their servers were in fact redundant or seriously under-utilized. Consolidating to maximize server utilization not only helped them "go green" by reducing the number of servers, but also improved overall performance – and saved them over $300,000 USD per year.

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