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3 Ways to Solve DataPower Issues that Impact Applications
Actionable Intelligence for DevOps Teams
Deep-Dive Monitoring of DataPower SOA Appliances in Application Context
Transaction Tracing to the Rescue!
Using Real-Time Analytics to Improve Trade Performance & Compliance
Be a Hero - Use Proactive APM and Fix it Now
Introducing AutoPilot Insight™
Use Self-Service for WebSphere MQ to Boost Productivity
Use analytics to detect anomalies in composite applications
The Security Model in WebSphere MQ
Turbocharge your middleware performance: Tips for affordable issue identification and resolution
Tracking Messages Through Multi-middleware
Using APM to Reduce the Frequency and Duration of Outages
Self Service for MQ II
How to handle cascading problems with applications interconnected via middleware
Tracking Messages That Pass Through IBM Integration Bus
Tracking Messages Through DataPower
Smart Logging II for DEV, Test, QA & Production
3 Ways to Detect Java Application Performance Trends
A walk-through of the new features of WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5
Benchmarking WebSphere MQ Deployments
Detecting Memory Leaks
How to Take Advantage of New Features in MQ 7.1 and 7.5
Java Garbage Collection CMS vs. G1 in Java 7 — Real world comparison
Java Memory Leaks II - Detection to diagnostics
Leveraging Your Mainframe into the 22nd Century
Painless Migration and Maintenance Strategies with WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.1 to 7.5
Running Multiple Versions in WMQ 7.1 and 7.5
Smart Logging: Supercharge Application Logging and Tracing
Themes of MQ: Past, Present and Future
Using a Simple Benchmark to Understand Your Queue Managers


White Papers

Getting IT Operational Intelligence from Logs, Metrics & Transactions
Prepare for the big data deluge with a fortified MQ environment
Enhancing claims processing in real-time
Real-time analytics ensures firms comply and manage risk
AutoPilot On-Demand for IBM WebSphere MQ
Forrester Technology Spotlight: Application Performance Management and Complex Event Processing
Benchmarking WebSphere MQ Environments
Issues and Considerations in Deploying and Managing WebSphere MQ
Running Multiple Versions and Taking Advantage of WebSphere MQ 7.1 and 7.5
Introduction to WebSphere MQ 7.1 & 7.5
Detecting Java Application Performance Trends
Detecting Java Memory Leaks
Demystifying Middleware for DevOps
EMA Radar for Application Performance Management (APM) for Cloud Services: Nastel Profile
Forrester Research: Evaluating Innovative I&O Solutions: Converged Application Performance Management
Hot Banking Tech Companies To Watch in 2010
Nastel: An Integrated Application Performance and Business Transaction Management Environment
Nastel AutoPilot In combined EAI and SOA environments
Evolving Successfully To SOA: Step One
Transaction Tracking within Messaging Infrastructures
Nastel AutoPilot M6
Managing Banking Transactions for Operational Excellence
BTP: Proactive Prevention & Visibility
Business Transaction Performance in a World of Silos
A Unified View Across WebSphere MQ and DataPower, TIBCO and Solace
Banking CIOs: Keep your eye on the ball - Hot Banking Tech Companies to Watch in 2010
Unraveling the Mystery: How to predict Application Performance Problems
The National Computing Centre Publishes Excellent Review of AutoPilot M6
Smart Logging: Supercharge Application Logging and Tracing


Customer Case Studies



Video Demo: AutoPilot Insight Real-User Monitoring
Application Analytics for DevOps
Using Transaction Tracing to Determine Issues with Remote MQ Transactions
AutoPilot Explainer
How Technology is used at a Nastel Customer for Proactive Monitoring in a Private Cloud
JavaOne: Detecting Memory Leaks
Application Performance in the Cloud (Share 2012)
The Case for Reasoning: Part 1 - TD Securities, Dodd-Franks and APM
The Case for Reasoning: Part 2 - Demo: Dodd-Frank and APM with Verdande Technologies
VIDEO DEMO: AutoPilot for Financial Services
Interview with Charley Rich at Impact 2012
VIDEO DEMO: Nastel AutoPilot APM
VIDEO DEMO: Nastel AutoPilot On-Demand for WebSphere MQ
A Chalk Talk: Nastel AutoPilot Situational Awareness with CEP
Live TV interview of Nastel at IBM Impact 2011
Nastel at Impact announcing AutoPilot On-demand for WMQ
IBM IMPACT 2010 Business Agility for zOS including comments from Nastel
Nastel Technologies Overview on YouTube
VIDEO DEMO: Financial Services Middle Office Scenario
Nastel Overview: Business Transaction Performance
VIDEO DEMO: AutoPilot 3 Minute APM /BTM Demo