Application Performance Optimization Assessment

Many companies do not know how well their applications are performing, or how well they can perform with the right processes and tools in place. This assessment is a service that will show you ways in which you can quickly improve the performance of the applications that support your business critical operations. It also gives us the opportunity to identify opportunities to sell or up-sell products and services.

Who can benefit from this service:

  • Companies that have issues with or concerns about the performance, reliability and availability of mission critical applications
  • Companies currently considering buying a solution like AutoPilot
  • Large-scale enterprises and SMB's who want/need optimum application performance
  • Existing customers who have been using AutoPilot in only a limited capacity, e.g. primarily for basic WMQ monitoring

Service Package Description:

This service offering package lets you choose one business critical application and our expert consultant will assess its current level(s) of performance to determine the efficiency and efficacy of its transactional processes, identify areas in which performance, reliability and availability can be improved, and make a recommendation as to what services and/or technologies could effect that improvement. This may include adding and/or modifying business views, incorporating other AutoPilot modules and/or utilizing professional services to implement and/or fine tune existing solutions to ensure optimum application performance.

The process consists of a consultant coming to your site to review the specified application end-to-end, examine any monitoring and performance measurement tools that may be in place and how they are being utilized, talk with your users about their experience of using the application and with the application support group about how they are currently managing the application's performance, and identify areas for process improvement.

The physical deliverable is a written recommendation for targeted ways in which you can measurably improve the performance, reliability and availability of the application via software tools and/or services.

Estimated Duration: 2 days

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