AutoPilot Master User Certification Program

We want you to derive optimum value from AutoPilot and our experience shows us that the best way to do this is to ensure that you have the highest level of understanding and the right skills to get on-going optimum value from AutoPilot. This includes not just every day use, but also advanced "super user" skills, like simple troubleshooting of user errors. Having AutoPilot Certified "super users" not only lets you ensure that you get the best value from AutoPilot, it also protects you from productivity loss when knowledgeable users leave or change roles.

Who can benefit from this service:

  • Customers who have been using AutoPilot in production mode for at least 3 months post-implementation
  • New staff brought in to work in existing AutoPilot environments

Service Package Description:

This offering is intended to help you ensure that you always have AutoPilot expertise inhouse even with staff turn-over, attrition, re-organization, etc. It's a combination of classroom and hands-on lab training designed to transfer knowledge and build the skills in a train-the-trainer mode to create AutoPilot "super users". These AutoPilot Certified Users would have the knowledge, skills and ability to train others in the effective use of AutoPilot in your specific environment.

It consists of a consultant going onsite to teach advanced users, who are already very familiar hands-on with the use of AutoPilot, the skills they need to be "super users", to train others in AutoPilot use, to troubleshoot and resolve problems. The training will include hands-on exercises and labs in which the users must demonstrate mastery of the technical skills necessary to qualify as a "Certified Master User".

Estimated Duration: 5 days

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