3 Ways to Detect Java Application Performance Trends

Download: 3 Ways to Detect Java Application Performance Trends

AutoPilot M6 for JMX lets you monitor and manage all of your JMX-enabled applications. JMX is the Java Management Extension interface supported by a wide variety of applications including BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere Application Server as well many other applications.

AutoPilot M6 for JMX provides all of the required facilities to instrument, monitor and host JMX MBeans.


  • JMX Agent capable of hosting custom JMX MBeans (Management Beans)
  • Monitor and control JMX enabled applications
  • Integration with AutoPilot/IT rules and notification engine
  • Generate custom events, alerts and actions
  • Instrument Java applications with JMX using GUI wizard
  • Access to Java application attributes and actions


  • Monitor and control user written Java applications
  • Monitor and control any JMX enabled applications without coding
  • Manage enable your Java applications within minutes

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