Solution Builder Module for Oracle Database

Nastel's Expert for Oracle Database is an extensible data collector that automatically gathers information in real-time on all Oracle-based application transactions and processes and passes that information to AutoPilot M6.

This gives you visibility into the performance and health of business application processes that flow across Oracle systems from your AutoPilot M6 consolidated dashboard. The expert is non-intrusive, and automatically collects information about Oracle servers and their components without affecting the database.

Easily customizable business views graphically display process status and performance metrics explicitly tailored to the needs of individuals or groups of users, based on their job functions and your business needs.

Correlate Oracle Performance Metrics with Other Systems for a 360┬░ View

AutoPilot M6 automatically collects events and correlates them with the business rules, policies, thresholds and real-time conditions you specify to dynamically create new events.

With the Expert for Oracle Database, you can correlate events from Oracle databases with events from any other systems and in your application domain, from the mainframe to your application servers and web servers. By applying rules and thresholds in correlating events from across your infrastructure, you can foresee and prevent application performance problems before they occur.