Nastel AutoPilot Insight Dashboard

IBM DataPower Visibility

Solve DataPower Issues that Impact Applications

AutoPilot Insight for DataPower provides instant awareness of the health and performance issues you need to know about to rapidly resolve problems affecting your business applications. It tracks transactions end-to-end and on a single-pane-of-glass delivers the visibility and performance metrics necessary to ensure transactions complete, applications perform and your company’s reputation is secure.

Get real-time and historical analysis of application performance, transaction topology and end-user experience on a single, unified dashboard.

This sample dashboard shows current business application health for the application “Orders”, application topology and transaction metrics.

Solve Real Problems: Lack of Visibility, Reputational Risk and High Support Costs

Real-time analytics help you solve these problems via instant, in-depth, awareness of DataPower issues. Begin solving these without waiting for a war room session to first determine where a problem is and who is going to fix it. A rapid, proactive response to problems enables you to stop problems in their tracks. This results in improved productivity and lower support costs.

The End-to-end view of your business transactions provided diagnoses behavior problems where everything is “green” and yet something important didn’t happen as expected. This helps you prevent customer dissatisfaction and damage to your reputation.

Visualize DataPower and Application Performance in Real-Time

Get immediate end-to-end visibility of DataPower and the applications, messages and transactions that use it.

Gain immediate awareness of the state of your business transaction behavior via automatic discovery, tracking and analysis.

DataPower transactions are tracked and stitched together even as they are transformed, split, morphed and routed to various destinations. Asynchronous, long running transactions are detected, tracked, stitched and monitored.

Track Business Transactions Performance, End-to-End

DataPower performance metrics are enriched with events and KPIs from other systems using Complex Event Processing for fast in-memory evaluation of their impact.

This provides true, situational analysis of your business applications and finally puts a stop to the endless false alarms other approaches suffer from.


Role-specific dashboards can be used by the business, IT Ops and developers. An English-like query language makes it easy to ask your data “ad-hoc” questions or subscribe to real-time updates.

Unified Analytics

Using Complex Event Processing events, messages, transactions and applications from multiple streams, are enriched and analyzed together to find performance patterns or transactional misbehavior that otherwise could easily go undetected.

Real-Time Insight

Ingests streaming data for in-memory analysis of “Fast Data” and also provides historical analysis.


Runs on an exceptionally scalable web platform using industry-standard, high-performance technologies such as NoSQL, Kafka, Spark and STORM

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3 Ways to Solve DataPower Issues that Impact Applications

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AutoPilot Insight enables you to ask ad-hoc questions and get instant, actionable answers or alternatively to subscribe to real-time updates as they happen. These questions can be about "what happened", "what time it happened", "what was the trend" and "what was the location". They can also drive a broad scorecard of how well your applications perform now as well as over a period of time.

AutoPilot Insight provides instant into the effectiveness of your application fabric. It can find hidden patterns whose understanding can improve application performance, compliance and customer satisfaction. Its real-time and historical analysis is viewed on a dynamic scorecard portraying how well your environment is running.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce MTTR
  • Dramatically reduce support costs
  • Decrease order fallout
  • Improve customer satisfaction