Business Transaction Management Software for Mission Critical Applications

Nastel AutoPilot TransactionWorks provides both an operational and transactional view of your IT infrastructure within a business context.

The emerging challenge facing many managers now is how to meet increasingly stringent service level agreements (SLAs) to ensure that the business operates at 100%. This means having the ability to proactively manage the performance of the transactions that drive the business.

Nastel AutoPilot TransactionWorks today ensures the successful completion of over one billion transactions every day for companies around the world that trust their business applications to AutoPilot TransactionWorks .

AutoPilot TransactionWorks automatically:

  • Provides an end-to-end view of your multi-tier business transactions
  • Delivers complete control over your business critical transactions

AutoPilot TransactionWorks Delivers End-to-end Visibility

One problem anywhere along a transaction path can cause a negative impact on the entire organization, and beyond into the extended supply chain. Whether you're a corporate manager, Line of Business owner, application support group or IT infrastructure team, you need end-to-end visibility into the transactions that are relevant to you.

AutoPilot TransactionWorks gives you this end-to-end visibility all along the transactional flow. It also lets you see the impact of transaction performance problems so you can proactively address issues before customers or end users become unhappy. In addition, AutoPilot TransactionWorks gives you real time insight into the magnitude of any transaction performance bottleneck or failure so you can focus on fixing the problems that affect your business the most.

Complete Control Over Your Business Critical Transactions

AutoPilot TransactionWorks combines real-time rules processing with unique time-based trend recognition and predictive problem prevention capabilities. It collects, aggregates, filters, and correlates metrics and events from application transactions and infrastructure systems to ensure that critical transactions perform as required under all circumstances.

AutoPilot TransactionWorks's broad coverage and on-demand deep dive to the most granular level pinpoints the root cause of any transaction problem to ensure the fastest mean time to problem resolution. It saves you money by predicting and preventing problems, and helping you fix them fast, before they impact your business operations, your customers, your revenue stream, and your bottom line.