Transaction Monitoring Software for Risk Reduction & Compliance

Compliance mandates, audit requirements, business continuity considerations and meeting reporting deadline requirements pose a formidable challenge for many companies, especially those in highly regulated industries like banking, brokerages and financial services. Because the compliance bar continues to be raised, a foolproof risk management system is vital.

This requires a rules-based, persistent approach with complete audit trail and real-time visibility. AutoPilot M7 provides the required immediate and historical visibility into transactions and the IT systems that run them.

Mitigating Risk with AutoPilot M6

AutoPilot M6 gives you the ability to track and manage transaction performance in a rules-based environment and in the process, capture a complete audit trail of transaction activity. AutoPilot M6 not only helps you manage the timely and efficient flow and completion of your business critical transactions, it makes a major contribution to helping you company' ensure that it consistently meets its operations risk management objectives.

Real-time Performance and Transaction Monitoring

AutoPilot M6 provides real-time performance and transaction monitoring in highly complex, loosely coupled SOA and mixed SOA and legacy EAI environments. It protects and assures transaction performance and integrity and enables you to report status of systems in real-time as required under Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 409.

AutoPilot M6's built-in Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine correlates real time and stored historical data, giving you the ability to identify trends, patterns and anomalies and to detect certain behaviors ahead of time as they develop so you can proactively limit the loss from fraudulent events.

AutoPilot M6 provides a necessary and reliable way to manage risk. It saves you time and money, puts controls in place and allows you to monitor what's really happening to transactions so you don't lose revenue to poor performance or incur costly fines and penalties.

Learn how you can mitigate risk and ensure compliance with AutoPilot M6 360┬░ Situational Awareness.

Helping Achieve ITIL Compliance

ITIL Disciplines Supported by AutoPilot

  • Service Support - The Service Support in ITIL discipline is focused on the User of the IT services and is primarily concerned with ensuring that they have access to the appropriate services to support the business functions.
  • Service Delivery - The Service Delivery discipline is primarily concerned with the proactive and forward-looking services that the business requires of its IT provider in order to deliver adequate support to the business users. It is focused on the business as the Customer of the IT services
  • IT Infrastructure Management - IT Infrastructure Management processes recommend best practice for requirements analysis, planning, design, deployment and ongoing operations management and technical support of an IT Infrastructure.

AutoPilot support for ITIL