AutoPilot® Insight for IBM MQ

The world’s largest enterprises use Nastel for Monitoring and Management of IBM MQ

Providing MQ self-service to thousands of users

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IBM MQ Visibility and Management

Rapidly solve IBM MQ Issues that Impact your business.

AutoPilot Insight for IBM (WebSphere) MQ provides deep awareness of MQ health and performance issues enabling you to resolve middleware problems, rapidly. AutoPilot Insight for IBM MQ is used in the world’s largest IBM MQ environments to ensure business critical enterprise applications perform and your reputation is protected.

Get deep, real-time native monitoring, self-service, message tracking, configuration management and capacity planning in a single easy-to-use solution. Nastel provides a complete lifecycle solution for IBM MQ (a.k.a. WebSphere MQ or MQ Series).

Get deep, real-time insight into MQ health and performance

  • Real-time, native monitoring via agents or agent-free
  • Auto-discovery of all MQ objects and their state
  • Proactive analytics reduces the frequency and duration of outages
  • Policy driven approach ends false alarms, improving productivity

Transaction Tracking

  • Instantly, visualize the flow of MQ transactions or messages (and other technologies), their performance and resources they interact with
  • Automatically track messages transferred over MQ that when committed, complete a logical unit of work (LuW)
  • Transaction performance is compared to SLA’s (service level agreements) -- violations generate alerts
  • Isolate problems and perform root cause analysis

Automatically Detect Anomalies

  • Automatic anomaly (outlier) detection is provided.
  • Automatically computed upper and lower bands (normal bands) are created
  • Bands auto-adjust, dynamically without ever setting thresholds
  • Instantly spots anomalies, when event duration or count exceeds a band

Analyze the Worst Events

  • Detect the MQ events that are causing the greatest impact to a business application
  • Top 10 best, worst, longest or shortest event analysis make it easy to prioritize what must be remediated to restore service levels

Filter the big picture

  • Filter the big picture of everything in MQ down to the details you need to make the best decisions
  • In the pic chart we are grouping and counting the current MQ activities
  • Drill down in a single click to the details you need to solve a problem

Score your MQ Events

  • Instantly determine your issues and score them for prioritization
  • Problems are categorized by to your needs

Self-Service for MQ

Provide your stakeholders with self-service access to WebSphere MQ. You have full control over what they can see and do via safe and secure role assignment and policy. Self-service access is done via a standard web browser without a local installation. The middleware team is no longer interrupted every time a different group needs access to MQ. Plus, development can now utilize MQ for testing and view, replay and manipulate messages in order to better replicate production problems.

AutoPilot Insight for MQ Features

  • Supports v9
  • Supports MQ Appliance
  • Real-Time Monitoring – with agents or agent-free
  • Message Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Transaction/Message Tracking
  • Capacity Planning
  • Corrective Action
  • Security
  • Enterprise-wide Scalability

Typical Use Cases

  • Monitor and Manage MQ Queues , Channels, Managers and Listeners
  • Execute MQ Commands
  • Topology View of MQ Network
  • Visualize MQ Error Files
  • Extract MQ Object Definitions
  • Manage Access Control
  • Track MQ Messages
  • Provide Alerts , Alert Correlation and Automated Actions
  • Change Tracking
  • Queue Statistics Monitoring
  • Configurable Blackout Periods
  • Identify Stuck Messages
  • DLQ Monitoring and Handling

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Business Benefits

  • Reduced MTTR
  • Reputation Protected
  • Significantly lower support costs
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction