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Nastel APM and Middleware Monitoring Customers
AutoPilot Insight - real-time analtyics


Instant Insight into Application Performance, Transactions and User Experience

IBM MQ / WebSphere MQ Monitoring


Monitor and Manage IBM WebSphere MQ Web dashboard, agent-free configurations

transaction tracking


Message flow, transactions and diagnostics

high performance mobile applications


Deliver high performance mobile applications

Webinar — Welcome to the Age of the Customer: Are You Ready?

Learn how modern and innovative approaches to application monitoring which development and operations can adopt to their application performance management strategy towards ensuring high quality user experience.

Forrester Research Application Performance Monitoring Webinar

Video from IBM Think 2018: Practical ways to measure and improve the quality of user experience

What does it mean to have a quality user experience?

  • Measuring user experience
  • What to change to improve
  • How to measure that change

Case Study: Monitoring Bill Payment and Fraud

“AutoPilot enables our company to detect infrastructure problems that could impact our bill payment and fraud applications on our UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms before they become full-scale problems.”

“The solution’s proactive engineering efficiency reduces errors and overall risk, gives us the ability to more quickly verify our clients’ threshold values, lowers support costs and, in general, significantly enhances overall quality.”

Tony Konczak
Senior Mainframe Sustaining Engineer

Technology Spotlight: Application Performance Management And Complex Event Processing

Forrester Technology Spotlight: Application Performance Management And Complex Event Processing (Analytics) Report


Master your transactions with real-time analysis, end-to-end from mobile to mainframe

Gartner Group

“Deep expertise in WMQ and Java EE – technical sophistication and code excellence…supports all five dimensions of APM… The vendor’s “smart correlation” approach to user-defined transaction profiling allows for the application of its technology to a broad number of use cases.”

Will Cappelli


“Nastel AutoPilot was and still is one of the leading solutions to manage messaging technologies such as WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, and DataPower.”

JP Garbani
Forrester Research

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“Nastel offers a complete, broad and deep APM environment that can be effectively used to track and monitor applications and transaction flows within a cloud.”

Jane Clabby
Clabby Analytics

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