ACH Payment Tracking

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Automated Clearing House Payment Tracking

Track payments in both real time and batch file transfers.

Get total command and control of your ACH processing.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are used by companies to pay their employees by depositing their salaries directly into their bank accounts, or process such items as tax rebates, regular bill payments and refunds as well as many other forms of one time or recurring payments.

Transactions are processed from the payer’s bank account into the payee’s bank account. Companies normally process all their payments in batches.

There are many reasons why ACH payments must be tracked, including regulatory and compliance requirements as well as for customer satisfaction reasons.

Every ACH payment is assigned a specific code, called the Standard Entry Code or SEC. Many transactions can take up to 48 hours to complete, due to the requirements for banks to validate and report on the payments.

The volume and the complex nature of these transactions mean that tracking ACH payments can become a costly exercise for companies and banks.

Being able to track each ACH transaction in real-time and cost effectively is a top goal of many companies that are involved in the process.

Nastel XRay can help

Nastel XRay tracks payments in both real time and batch file transfers. It provides a simple visual image of all end-to-end transaction flows, where you can drill down to see each application or process, and drill into categories (such as those that are performing outside of SLA’s). Users can drill into a single individual transaction and see any problems or exceptions in each process or milestone that it passes through.

You can decide exactly what parameters you wish to track and display them simply.

You can even choose different views depending on your role, choosing between highly technical detail or business level details as you desire.

The result is total command and control of your ACH processing. You can see every transaction in real time, or historically and can produce the level of detail you need for every level of reporting.

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