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GigaOm Radar Report for AIOps

Nastel has been recognised as a Fast Mover, Leader in the Innovation/Platform Play quadrant of the GigaOm Radar Report for AIOps.


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GigaOm AIOps
Radar Report 2022

In this report, GigaOm analyzes the leading solutions in the AIOps market, weighing the key criteria and evaluation metrics used to assess them, and identify important technologies to consider for the future.


“Messaging and message queues (and streaming) have unique requirements within IT operations management monitoring. Many AIOps solutions can monitor the messaging endpoints, but Nastel also offers monitoring and intelligence to message services themselves such as IBM MQ, Kafka, and others. The company’s leading-edge technologies shine in the transaction-heavy industries of banking and financial services. Nastel provides its own AIOps solution but may also be used to augment another AIOps deployment where messaging is of primary importance.”

GigaOm AIOPS Radar Report 2022

Report Outline

  1. Summary
  2. Market Categories and Deployment Types
  3. Key Criteria Comparison
  4. GigaOm Radar
  5. Vendor Insights
  6. Analyst’s Take
  7. About Ron Williams
  8. About GigaOm

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