Announcing the availability of COVID-19 Dashboard and Workbench

Nastel is pleased announce the immediate availability of the Nastel XRay COVID-19 Data Lake and COVID-19 World Stats dashboard.

The COVID-19 World Stats dashboard is curated from COVID-19 sources around the world with added analytical indicators and visualizations (such as R0 value, infection rates and many more).
The COVID-19 World Stats dashboard is powered by the Nastel XRay data analytics platform and has proven useful for tracking the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike a static view of data, the COVID-19 World Stats dashboard is live and interactive, with the ability to drill down to any level of detail including social trends based on data harvested from social networks.

Many have requested the ability to perform their own analysis on the COVID-19 datasets, create views and analytical indicators.

We have made Nastel XRay COVID-19 Data Lake available to anyone who wants to have direct access to COVID-19 datasets, run queries, create dashboards, charts and share the views they create within their own web apps.

Please feel free to try it yourself at Data is updated automatically on a daily basis.

To view the predefined public dashboard please visit

To access the COVID-19 data lake and create your own personal view of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit
The Nastel XRay Team.

GoCypher Covid19 Workbench