Nastel’s AutoPilot SaaS

Real-time Operational Intelligence for the Hybrid Enterprise
From the Datacenter to the Cloud


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A Single Source of Truth

In today’s enterprise the datacenter is often comprised of multiple on premise locations as well as several using clouds. This new application fabric, while more powerful and flexible than prior models is also more complex. Although most IT organizations have the tools to manage a terrestrial datacenter, adding in the cloud requires new capabilities.

Real-time Operational Intelligence, via Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Insight provides the necessary transparency across the hybrid enterprise to make it manageable. It acts as a single pane-of-glass presenting visibility, analytics and insight into applications spanning datacenters and clouds.

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Insight SaaS provides:

  • Visibility across the IBM stack (MQ, IIB, DP, MFT), Java, mobile and the newer open-source technologies such as Kafka, STORM, Spark, MQTT, log files, Python, REST and much more
  • A SaaS, big data solution that is highly scalable and elastic
  • Lambda architecture with grids for real-time, in-memory analytics as well as historical analytics, data replication and time-to-live for all streaming data
  • Multi-tenant with private data repositories
  • Open-source ecosystem of big data collectors
  • Easy-to-use, English-like query language makes self-service data exploration simple
  • Analytics using advanced predictive anomaly detection and machine learning algorithms for problem prevention across apps, messaging, logs, mobile and the IoT
  • Analyze logs, metrics and transactions in a single platform
  • Insight into applications including: payment processing, trade compliance, order tracking, healthcare claims processing, compliance, and machine data


Insight, visibility, prediction and machine learning that is easy-to-use to:

  • Improve service to customers & reduce operational risk
  • Highly scalable with self-service access, without need for data scientists
  • Extract the value in Big Data
  • Reduce support costs

AutoPilot Software as a Service model

In this illustration we show a hybrid enterprise where applications span across terrestrial datacenters as well as multiple clouds.

Nastel’s® AutoPilot®, using the open-source data collectors ingests streaming data, analyzes it and then presents real-time visualization and insight into the meaning of that data.

The value is in the analysis of what the data represents and not just its collection. This could be business data about milestones and objectives achieved or at risk. Or it might be about business compliance. Alternatively, it could be real-time metrics for application performance.

Our cognitive capabilities are based on machine learning where we have automated anomaly detection and Bayesian classification of behavior and sentiment. Machine learning is an effective way to analyze data that does not depend on costly models and rules which are often error-prone and in-effective.

The approach we have taken offers a solution that learns and improves over time. Nastel AutoPilot Insight provides operational intelligence across business, sentiment, application and machine data for instant insight.


Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Insight’s multi-tenancy enables multiple organizations to exist in the same infrastructure while maintaining complete isolation and security. Organizations can be sub divided into teams with their own repositories and policies. There are easy-to-use, self-service wizards to make administration of a tenant’s data simple both at the organizational and the team levels.

AutoPilot Multi-tenancy Access Management

Use your Corporate Branding

Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Insight can help you provide a fully custom branded experience to your customers. We have provided a wizard to enable your organization to completely white label Nastel’s® AutoPilot® Insight in order to extend your corporate branding into the experience your customers have with our solution.

At run-time we enable you change any or all of the following: favicon, login logo, logo within the app, custom URL, and text links for registration, terms of service, support, initial landing page, logout message, and more.