Nastel Solutions for WebSphere MQ Series

AutoPilot® M6 for WebSphere MQ Series, based on Nastel’s proven virtual complex event processing (CEP) engine, raises the best-of-breed bar for real-time monitoring and management of IBM WebSphere MQ (WMQ) environments. AutoPilot® M6/WMQ provides end-to-end application process monitoring so you can see the current status of all your WMQ-application transactions on-demand.

For more details on monitoring and managing WMQ in a distributed/mainframe environment go here.

AutoPilot features for monitoring WMQ unique to zOS include the following:

  • Channel Initiator monitoring
  • Batch MQ monitoring
  • Display ARCHIVE
  • Display CFSTATUS
  • Display CFSTRUCT
  • Display CHINIT
  • Display STGCLASS