Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

As experts in data, we all recognize the importance of focusing on alerts, signals in the data that indicate an abnormal event.

And it’s clear that there is a spike in the data that shows a critical event. The number of people of color who have been targeted by law enforcement must be addressed. This is not to say that those of other colors are immune from impact. But it’s a clear and obvious signal in the data, that indicates a bias.

Every person of color I know, has examples of how they were treated when stopped by the Police, experiences that I have never had, and no white person I know has ever had. And while this is qualitative, its supported by the quantitative data we can access.

I work for a company that is very diverse, we have people of different ethnicities and religions in every corner of the business, from the executive team down. And we discuss our cultures every day, we learn from each other and have respect for each other. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that this doesn’t go on everywhere; It must!

The human race is a single race, and yet the way we learn is by comparing what we already know to new inputs. Evolution has enhanced our ability to identify and fear that which is different. It’s through this ability to identify those unlike ourselves and to use fear to enhance our alertness, that our ancestors survived when others who didn’t have the same response became food. We don’t any longer have to fear being eaten by other people, and yet that skill is still programmed into our subconscious. The answer is simply that the more we talk to others who have attributes unlike ourselves, and learn about them, then we fear them less. In fact, the more we engage, the more we like each other and the more we are able to work together towards common goals.

Segregation at all levels is counterproductive. Stereotyping based on religion, belief or skin color is equally as counterproductive.

A great movement has started in this great country and we hope it ends with better understanding, equality, and a safer, kinder environment for all.

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