Steering a safe course through hybrid cloud

We look at why hybrid cloud can create a tricky infrastructure to manage.  It is a universally accepted axiom that the world is moving towards cloud. Even the most hardened sceptics have been converted and are taking their first steps on a cloud journey. The figures back this up. IDC has reported that quarterly spending on public [...]

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Uber Introduces Open Source, Real-Time Analytics Engine

The AresDB analytics engine leverages graphics processing units (GPUs) for growth at scale Uber is rolling out a new analytics engine. AresDB is an open source, real-time engine that leverages graphics processing units (GPUs) for growth at scale. It’s designed to help unify and simplify Uber’s real-time analytics database solutions. Key features of AresDB include: Column-based [...]

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Apache Kafka: Creating Real-Time Distributed Microservices

Apache Kafka is proving its mettle in the burgeoning microservices space Research values the global microservices industry at $1.8 billion, and microservices deployments continue to rise across the board. With that sort of interest, there is now a great collection of frameworks, libraries and other packages designed to help construct elegant, reactive services.  One of [...]

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What happens when you move to the public cloud?

Cloud computing clearly offers some very attractive benefits for significant elements of an enterprises business. Many companies have made the move (generally in-part) to the public cloud; Moving major parts of their application stack to Amazon, Microsoft and others, reducing their in-house data centers, moving from a mainly capital expense to a mainly operation expense [...]

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Predictive Analytics For Retail: What Lies Ahead?

I am personally fascinated by predictive analytics and the ability to combine data elements to create an approximate idea of what the future may hold. Although data modeling has been used quite extensively in certain industries (e.g., weather predictions based on specific historic models and key indicators, insurance estimates and actuarial tables, etc.), the concept [...]

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Machine learning detects importance of land stewardship in conservation policy

A machine learning algorithm finds success in cooperative forest management policies that allow greater autonomy by smallholder farmers. At the southern tip of the Himalayas, farmers in the Kangra region of India's Himachal Pradesh graze cattle among rolling hills and forests. The forests, under management by the state or farmer cooperatives, are thriving. But a [...]

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