A simple guide to AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

A simple guide to AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning… or as simple as I can make it. Before we become enslaved by our sentient robotic overlords, I thought I’d explain what Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning are and how they impact on marketing and consumers. Let start at the beginning; back [...]

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The importance of big data and analytics in the era of digital transformation

As organisations begin their digital transformation journey, big data and analytics can play a key role in it being a success. Big data means better business Data is an enabler of future strategies and immediate change, thanks to the power of predictive analytics and advanced data science. Correctly harnessing data can help to achieve better, [...]

3 Reasons Why It’s Crucial for Brands to Introduce Machine Learning Into Their Marketing

Essentially, AI leverages machine learning to maximize the effectiveness of marketing efforts by predicting the best next customer interaction based on what it has learned through previous interactions. The more data AI has to work with, the better job it does identifying patterns of customer behavior and engaging them in more meaningful and authentic ways. [...]

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Stirring Apache Kafka into the Middleware Mix (Part 1)

Stirring Apache Kafka into the Middleware Mix (First of a six-part blog series that describes how a team of IT pros and managers at one of the world’s largest global banks accommodated a bank acquisition and mastered a complex hybrid messaging environment spanning mainframes, distributed systems, and clouds.) About the Author Charley Rich has decades [...]

Guest blog: How machine learning can better equip insurers

From simple one-way analysis to generalised linear models (GLMs) and data enrichment, the insurance industry is still evolving. Machine learning is the next step. It’s already transforming major industries such as medicine and entertainment, as well as the judiciary system, and we can learn lessons here. Working with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies forces [...]

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7 Machine Learning Algorithms Every Engineer Should Know

Machine Learning, the branch of Artificial Intelligence is based on the idea that machines should be able to learn and adapt through experience. It is increasingly gaining popularity over the last couple of years. Machine learning is one approach to achieve Artificial Intelligence by using algorithms. It is predicted that Machine Learning Algorithms may replace [...]

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Understanding Log Analytics, Log Mining & Anomaly Detection

Understanding Log Analytics, Log Mining & Anomaly Detection With the management of real-time data, the user can use the log file for making decisions. But, as the volume of data increases let’s say to gigabytes then, it becomes impossible for the traditional methods to analyze such a huge log file and determine the valid data. [...]

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Brands Need Smarter Customer Insights to Improve Relevance

Reaching The New Benchmark In Customer Expectations Digital transformation has created a huge shift in customer expectations. Today’s customers require a seamless , intuitive experience across channels, transparent product information and pricing, real-time contextual solutions and high relevance, personal experiences. To achieve this step change in capabilities, most companies fall into one of two categories. [...]

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Impact Of Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning on Trading And Investing

1. General impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on trading Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows replacing humans with machines. In the 1980s, AI research focused primarily on expert systems and fuzzy logic. With computational power becoming cheaper, using machines to solve large-scale optimization problems became economically feasible. As a result of the advances in hardware [...]