Best Practices for Leading the Digital Transformation

Today’s businesses increasingly rely on IT to deliver innovative solutions to solve complex business problems. Companies today depend on technology to innovate more rapidly and get to market faster. It’s a hot topic with leaders who feel pressure from customers, competitors, and their Board to accelerate digital transformation. While most businesses have accepted the imperative [...]

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Challenges of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Big data analytics is turning out to be one of the toughest undertakings in recent memory for the healthcare industry.  Providers who have barely come to grips with putting data into their electronic health records (EHR) are now being asked to pull actionable insights out of them – and apply those learnings to complicated initiatives [...]

What Is Digital Transformation?

For a phrase that’s being thrown around a lot recently, what does “Digital Transformation” really mean? When someone says that they want to digitally transform their business, what does one really mean, why do they want to do it, and should they approach this “digital transformation” process?   “The coupling of granular, real-time data (e.g., [...]

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What to Know Before Using Cloud Solutions

What to Know Before Using Cloud Solutions Cloud technology has come a long way in the past few years. However, there are still some things that companies should be aware of and well-versed in before fully adopting cloud-based solutions. These considerations help companies decide if cloud-based systems are the best solutions or if there are [...]

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3 Essential Ways To Use Data Strategically – Analytics

While it’s very impressive that today’s technology allows us to gather incredible amounts of data, the reality is much of the data is currently collected before anyone answers: “What do we want to do with this data?” The result: Your organization has a lot of data that isn’t very useful for business. Before rushing to [...]

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Here’s how middleware capabilities can move medical devices from charting to active patient monitoring and intervention.

Here's how middleware capabilities can move medical devices from charting to active patient monitoring and intervention. Historically, medical device data has been isolated, trapped in silos, each having unique communication protocols, physical connections, update rates, and terminology, but key advances have put medical devices on the precipice of an evolutionary leap from charting and documentation [...]

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3 important steps of big data analytics you cannot miss

As a beginner, you must understand the 3 critical steps in a big data analytics project before you go further. 1. Data preparation One of the common challenges encountered by most businesses nowadays is lack of data for analysis. Even though they may accumulate membership or transaction data for years, those data are either in [...]

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Predictive analytics: The key to pre-empting customer service problems?

As business professionals, we are continually bombarded with messages about the value of data. It is like the new gold rush, with many companies focusing on collecting data in more sophisticated ways from as many different sources as possible. Sadly, relatively few organizations have worked out what to do with all this information (probably because [...]

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CIO: Healthcare predictive analytics important to population health

Without health IT, healthcare organizations would not be able to effectively manage their patient populations or to transition to value-based care, according to Jon Russell, CIO at John Muir Health in Walnut Creek, Calif. The key to effective population health management and value-based care is to effectively aggregate health information from disparate systems. To do [...]