Intelligently Monitoring IOT

I was recently talking with a company that manages environmental and AV systems for large buildings. They use the most advanced technology, which in this case is IOT (Internet of Things). They setup control systems to control light, HVAC, window shades, door locks, AV displays, speakers and more. In a large building this can be [...]

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The Changing Healthcare User Experience

This week at an event, I had the chance to chat with the VP responsible for application development at a major US health insurance provider. A very interesting lady with a deep appreciation for the experience users see. She explained the modifications they see, driven by the recent healthcare law changes are creating new challenges. [...]

Test before you invest

A few days ago, I posted a blog discussing the maturity model for application performance. To describe one of the least mature levels of application performance monitoring I described a scenario I’ve seen before, where a company decided to improve their monitoring by having their offshore support team visit their application page on their website [...]

The Six levels of Application Performance Maturity

Level 1 Hope & Pray Many companies build business applications iteratively, starting with a proof of concept and then using creative internal and external talent to build out the concept into a working prototype. Which is then extended into product. I’ve seen systems built this way that deliver very powerful innovative ideas. The challenge is [...]

The Difference Between Monitoring and Tracking Transactions

Every few days I hear stories in the press, on social media and by talking with people about the major outages that happen to large enterprise applications. The implications for companies that suffer a major disruption span from embarrassment to significant lost business to huge costs and all the way through to a loss of [...]

Why Performance Monitoring may not be Enough to Stop Performance Issues

Today’s businesses demand extraordinarily complex applications. A business process may start with a presentation of information on a web page; and allow a user to browse a range of product offerings, creating lists of configured items in a shopping cart, that they may review and change before making a purchase decision. And then the process [...]

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What Downtime is Acceptable for Your Business Applications?

There was a time when 99% availability was considered good. But that meant about 4 days a year of unplanned downtime. Slowly, but surely the required levels of availability increased to less than a day a year (99.9%), less than 20 mins a year (99.99%) and now to 20 seconds a year (99.999%) But is [...]

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Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence – Know The Real Differences

Is there any difference? Really? Because most of us have been using the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) interchangeably since their inception. You’ll be surprised to know the thin-line differences that these two phenomena hold in the tech world. So, to begin: The analogy between ML and AI This has been a sensible practice among us [...]