Analytics in the Stock Market: Made for Each Other

The ability to accurately predict stock market activity has been the holy grail of analytics and machine learning for decades. Algorithmic trading has already had an effect on the market, being directly responsible for the Flash Crash (a brief swing of over 1,000 points on May 6, 2010) in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Can [...]

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What really is Artificial Intelligence? Setting the record straight

Enterprise artificial intelligence has reached a tipping point. Whatever you call it – machine learning, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing – this phenomenon is not only dominating our news feeds, but our business conversations also.  It would probably be helpful to start with a baseline definition. AI is using a machine to understand past [...]

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The most disruptive enterprise technology trends of 2017

Information Age rounds up enterprise technology trends that will drive disruption, transform businesses and define innovation in 2017 Digital transformation In a number of companies, digital management and strategy is now more important than information management, with some CIOs even reporting to the CDO. The new concerns of digital transformation, such as a brand focus [...]

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Financial Services

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Financial Services The reason for looking at these specific areas is to break some common misconceptions in order to really understand how far away we are from true AI and machine learning in business. Where are artificial intelligence and machine learning today? Computers complete different categories [...]

How AI can revolutionize financial services

How AI can revolutionize financial services The financial sector is the cornerstone of every market. Banks, venture capital firms, and fintech companies help fuel other industries by providing key services that help businesses protect their assets and grow. Unfortunately, it’s also an incredibly complex industry, plagued with challenges that seem to come from every corner. [...]

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Leading Employers Join Forces With General Assembly to Define Skills for Data Science Careers

General Assembly (GA) today announced the formation of an employer-led Data Science Standards Board which aims to increase transparency and access to careers within the fast-growing field of data science. Designed to foster collaboration at a time when employers compete for data science talent, the Standards Board will identify and define skills required for success, [...]

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Large Retailers need to provide quality services to their customers

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, large retailers are relying on Nastel AutoPilot to keep the holiday shopping season successful and highly profitable with uninterrupted services. Heavy loads and high volumes of sales are expected on Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday.  Nastel AutoPilot helps keeping services supporting sales highly available and highly reliable. How Large Retailers [...]

IT decision makers reveal 6 hybrid cloud adoption trends

As predicted, 2017 has shaped up to be the year of the enterprise cloud — and more than half of enterprises interested in the cloud are looking to deploy with a multi cloud strategy. That’s because hybrid cloud gives organization more flexibility to choose the right mix of cloud deployment models for each workload or [...]

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3 Essentials Of Every Digital Journey: Cloud, Data, And People

Going on a digital journey? Bring lots of cloud, data, and most of all, people. That’s the word from a new study of 105 organizations, published by Constellation Research, which found, for starters, that pursuing a digital strategy is no longer the exotic journey it once was. Now, the ability to marshal big data, employed [...]

Advanced analytics in hospitality

Advanced Analytics in Hospitality Over the past 20 years, advances in digital technologies have driven numerous innovations and disruptions in the travel industry. These technologies and the companies that offer them have rearranged the industry, leaving some players behind—travel agents, for example—while introducing more complexity into the value chain between travelers and destinations. More recently, [...]

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