Company Accomplishes Record Breaking Year

Nastel Achieves 25% Year-Over-Year Sales Growth, Secures 97% Customer Renewal Rate, Announces AutoPilot Insight 2.0 A premier global provider of application performance management solutions for mission-critical applications from the datacenter to the cloud and entering its 24th year in business.  Achieving record revenues with significant expansion in various sectors. Highlights of 2017: Nastel expands by purchasing a 28,000 [...]

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Measure DevOps for Efficiency, not Just Speed

Organizations with successful DevOps deployments “get their developers to work faster and their operations teams to work more efficiently, and bring it all together,’’ according to Jay Lyman, principal analyst at 451 Research. One way to improve DevOps is to focus on more efficient cloud computing, he explained. Because DevOps is so often delivered via [...]

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Differences between Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Data mining is an integrated application in the Data Warehouse and describes a systematic process for pattern recognition in large data sets to identify conclusions and relationships. Using statistical methods, or genetic algorithms, data files can be automatically searched for statistical anomalies, patterns or rules. Wikipedia defines as “Data mining is an interdisciplinary subfield of [...]

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Top 8 Data Analysis Techniques Every Manager Should Understand

The objective of any data analysis is to obtain actionable information related to business.  For managers working on the data domain, to support business decisions and actions, understanding of the theories and techniques in the data analysis fields such as statistics, data mining, and predictive analytics is very important. Data Visualization Data visualization is the [...]

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How Businesses Are Using AI and Machine Learning to Leverage Events

How Businesses Are Using AI and Machine Learning to Leverage Events As professionals across disciplines in the healthcare, retail and financial services industries embrace data-driven decision-making and begin to experience the power of precision available at their fingertips, more marketers are turning to artificial intelligence to improve the efficacy of many parts of the sales [...]

The Purpose of Business Intelligence in a Company

The intention of Business Intelligence in any business is to simplify the process of finding and analyzing of critical information, and assist the business managers, corporate executives as well as other functional managers in making result-oriented business decisions. In addition, new organizations use BI to discover business opportunities, reduce costs, and identify inefficient business procedures [...]

How Big Data Analytics Can Improve Demand-Supply Cycle in Retail?

There are numerous advantages of using big data analytics in a retail setting. However, today, we are focusing only on the demand and supply chain. Let’s first look at a few ways big data analytics can help. Predictive Analysis: A supply chain is based on predictions that rely on previous performance of a products, seasonal [...]

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Will machine learning be a good choice for your organization?

With the existence of high-scale business computing becoming mainstream with the Internet and the arrival of cloud computing, machine learning is in a position to drive business benefits on a large scale. When implemented accurately, ML can help you solve large business problems with the potential of adding revenue or reducing dollar spending in a [...]

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Seeking Digital Transformation? 8 Essentials for Successful Hybrid IT

Today’s businesses are rapidly changing – and that is all part of a wider digital transformation initiative that is sweeping the industry Yet as businesses move to the public cloud seeking lower costs and greater flexibility, they’re discovering some challenges. These challenges are coming in the form of unexpected costs. Others arise while trying to [...]

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10 ways machine learning can optimize DevOps

Successful DevOps practices generate large amounts of data, so it is unsurprising that this data can be used for such things as streamlining workflows and orchestration, monitoring in production, and diagnosis of faults or other issues. The problem: Too much data. Server logs themselves can take up several hundred megabytes a week. If the group is using [...]

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