A Customer Story

Business Issue A European Telecoms company needed to enhance their ability to monitor messages at a more detailed level; messages that were passing thorough their middleware environment, and they needed more detail as part of their implementation of a new wealth management application. Choice Even though the customer already had a license agreement with another [...]

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If you refer to 21 CFR part 11 as “Chapter 11”, we feel your pain!

The US government has a very robust regulatory framework referred to as the Code of Regulations or CFR. Within this is title 21 which is the regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration of US FDA. And within this is Part 11 which defines the regulations for electronic records and electronic signatures otherwise [...]

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What is MiFID II?

The European Securities and Markets Authority (esma) uses the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and they have a new version called MiFID II. MiFID II requires market participants to demonstrate that they have taken all appropriate steps to obtain the best possible result for their clients when executing orders. Under MiFID II, trades will need [...]

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The Reasons Projects Fail

There are a number of reasons that projects to develop and/or improve applications fail. Here are the ones I hear about most often, and how Nastel can help avoid these situations. The “shiny-thing” effect. Most Application Development projects get funding when they get executive sponsorship. But keeping the executive who agreed to fund the project, [...]

What networks and the Internet of Things are doing for healthcare

With budgets and resources becoming ever tighter, the healthcare industry, in common with many others, is undergoing a significant digital transformation. Advances in digital technology are proving to be a great benefit, enabling health care providers to do more with less. The ability to securely access a patient’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and their diagnostic [...]

Building a Foundation for Machine Learning Across Your Organization

A wave of obsession for all-things machine learning (ML) has washed over the technology and business communities — and society more broadly — in the last several years, and understandably so; machine learning-enabled products and services can present myriad benefits to an organization— not least the ability to harness large swaths of data to make previously tedious tasks more easy [...]

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How Machine Learning Is Changing the World — and Your Everyday Life

Machine learning is one element (perhaps the driving force) of AI, whereby a computer is programmed with the ability to self-teach and improve its performance of a specific task. In essence, machine learning is all about analyzing big data -- the automatic extraction of information and using it to make predictions, decipher whether the prediction was correct, [...]

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Key Differences between Text Mining vs Natural Language Processing

Natural language is what we use for communication.  Techniques for processing such data to understand underlying meaning is collectively called as Natural Language Processing (NLP). The data could be speech, text or even an image and approach involve applying Machine Learning (ML) techniques on data to build applications involving classification, extracting structure, summarizing and translating data. [...]

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#AI needs #Data, Data needs a #Strategy

Data Needs a Strategy As all aspects of information management are evolving, new and old technologies will have to coexist for the foreseeable future. Well-managed data is no easy task, and in these mixed and emerging environments, the equation could get more complicated. It’s a good time to re-examine the basics by starting with three [...]

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