3 Tips for Managing Data in the IoT Context

Internet of Things (IoT) adoption is gaining major momentum in the enterprise. As companies get ready to harness the power of IoT in their businesses, they need to account for the next big challenge that comes with this initiative: how to manage the billions of bits of data generated by these millions of things. According [...]

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Big data and cloud computing – challenges and opportunities

Big Data is an umbrella term which encompasses all sorts of data which exists today. From hospital records and digital data to the overwhelming amount of government paperwork which is archived – there is more to it than we officially know. You can’t categorize Big Data under one definition or description, because we are still [...]

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Predictive Analytics: Making sense of big data with machine learning

Predictive analytics is about producing valuable business insights and accurate foresights or forecasts from large sets of data, to help users decide on the next-best course of action and provide better customer experiences. Garbage In, Garbage Out: Predictive analytics is only as accurate as the quality of the original sets of data sets mined. Ensure [...]

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Data lakes and big data analytics: the what, why and how of data lakes

What are data lakes and how are they used for big data analytics? A definition and description of data lakes, how they work and what are their benefits, drivers and disadvantages. To make a big data project succeed you need at least two things: knowing what (blended) actionable data you need for your desired outcomes [...]

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Predictive analytics, Blockchain, Big data AI and Machine learning are the technologies shaping the new business world.

Currently, different types of businesses use predictive analytics like the financial services where this is majorly their life force, other business like e-commerce stores and online video streaming services all of these businesses have enjoyed the sweet power of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is just another modern marketing tool, knowing that prediction is of no [...]

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The Difference Between Data Science and Data Analytics

Data science and data analytics: people working in the tech field or other related industries probably hear these terms all the time, often interchangeably. However, although they may sound similar, the terms are often quite different and have differing implications for business. Knowing how to use the terms correctly can have a large impact on [...]

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How Big Data Analytics is Driving the Future of Social Business Success

How Big Data Analytics is Driving the Future of Social Business Success For businesses that want to use social media as a vehicle for increasing acquisition and revenue-generating conversions, there are at least eight metrics that they need to be using social data to track and monitor. First and foremost, such businesses need to develop [...]

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7 ways to build trust in data and analytics at your company

The KPMG report offers seven recommendations for building data and analytics trust in your organization: 1. Assess your trust gaps Performing an initial assessment to see where your business needs trusted analytics the most, and focus on those areas. 2. Create purpose by clarifying and aligning goals Make sure the purpose for collecting data and [...]

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Big Data in Sports: Going for the Gold

Big data comes in small bits and pieces flowing from ticket booths, online ticket services, point-of-sale terminals installed at arenas and other venues, gift shops, social media like Facebook or Foursquare, fan sites, and even form in-stadium beacons monitoring crowds of fans by interacting with their mobile devices. All of this information, if used properly, [...]

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