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Cloud Computing-Savvy Companies Enjoy Greater Revenues And Speed, Survey Suggests

At first, it's all about cost savings -- avoiding up-front fees, hardware costs, and ongoing maintenance and software upgrades. But looking beyond the operational concerns with cloud computing, things get much more interesting. Cloud really begins to shine when it becomes an enabler for increased business opportunities, and expanded horizons. The challenge is measuring, or [...]

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DevOps transformation headaches: who you gonna call? Silo busters

In the classic Ghostbusters movies para-psychologists save New York City from being overrun by ghosts. While there may well be some long-deceased software lurking on a dusty mainframe, today’s large organisations are not being held to ransom by ghosts but by the proliferation of data silos. Many of these new silos are an unexpected fall-out [...]

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Top 10 Strategic CIO Priorities For 2017

CIO Priorities - More so than in any other year in recent history, events in 2017 promise to put business executives under intense pressure, as new political forces, restructured trading coalitions, and more aggressive central bankers and regulators exert their influence on companies and markets worldwide. Advances in digital technology and business models will also [...]

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Curious about JavaScript performance, but don’t want to work hard?

There’s an easy way to determine if your JavaScript is inefficiently written. There’s no need to instrument every JavaScript function with code that logs timings and then analyze log files. With the use of W3C User Timing API’s use of “marks” as well as some creative JavaScript -ing, this can be done with minimal code. [...]

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What you need to know about application performance monitoring tools

More complex, more distributed and more dynamic than ever before, the modern IT environment needs application performance management (APM) that matches its agility. Inadequate application performance can directly affect a business, hurting brand image or cutting into revenue as customers struggle to complete transactions. Embrace APM: Be proactive APM is evolving and growing rapidly, shifting from the [...]

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Why an application performance monitoring tool is essential

Application performance monitoring is a method used to harvest performance metrics via a distributed software system…. At a minimum, performance software is deployed on the application server, as well as the client machine. An advanced application performance monitoring tool also deploys monitoring software throughout the network to gain even more data points. The idea of [...]

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Predictive Analytics Identified as the Top Priority for Healthcare Supply Chain Leaders

Predictive analytics and the use of data for informed decision-making top the opportunities identified by some of the leading healthcare supply chain provider firms in North America. The results are based on a survey conducted by Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC (GHX) on priorities and outcomes for the healthcare supply chain in 2017. When asked what [...]

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8 ways big data analytics can be applied by any CEO

By: Ken Wong, President Lenovo Asia pacific How do big data and data analytics play into strategy development at the chief executive level? Should they play at all, or should CEOs and peers delegate data analytics to the experts? It’s a discussion played out in businesses around the world. A recent report by McKinsey (Making [...]

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3 Reasons Data Analytics Matters in Super Bowl 51

The Super Bowl is more than just Tom Brady, Budweiser, and yelling at your TV. Here are three things you should look out for this Sunday when it comes to data analytics and the NFL annual championship game: Data can help you choose which team to bet on University of Pittsburgh researcher Konstantinos Pelechrinis used seven years [...]

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The CIO’s Role in the Digital Transformation Process

Digital transformation is the business buzzword du jour, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Digital transformation is the strategic leveraging of digital technologies to change business processes, activities, and competencies, while at the same time evolving business culture to adapt to these changes. As data initiatives (and IT in general) become more widely [...]

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