3 Essentials Of Every Digital Journey: Cloud, Data, And PeopleGoing on a digital journey? Bring lots of cloud, data, and most of all, people.

That’s the word from a new study of 105 organizations, published by Constellation Research, which found, for starters, that pursuing a digital strategy is no longer the exotic journey it once was.

Now, the ability to marshal big data, employed on top of scalable cloud resources, makes digital transformation a reality for organizations of all types and sizes. The survey finds that 75% of organizations are getting more deeply immersed in data analytics and platform initiatives. More than one-third, 35%, say their investments in data projects are increasing significantly. The survey finds emerging interest in several data-intensive waves, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain (which the researchers refer to as “synchronous ledger technologies” or SLT). These three initiatives are all massive data generators, of which few organizations likely have enough on-premises capabilities to handle.

“Digital business models such as As-a-Service and ‘mass personalization at scale’ require large amounts of data and computing power to execute. In addition, the connections for IoT are in the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) processing increasingly will rely on cloud-based services.”


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