3 Reasons Why It’s Crucial for Brands to Introduce Machine Learning Into Their MarketingEssentially, AI leverages machine learning to maximize the effectiveness of marketing efforts by predicting the best next customer interaction based on what it has learned through previous interactions. The more data AI has to work with, the better job it does identifying patterns of customer behavior and engaging them in more meaningful and authentic ways.

In today’s digitally connected world, customers are demanding brand experiences that resonate with them on the channels they prefer. And if they don’t feel as though a brand is being authentic, they’ll disengage. AI is the partner to the marketing team, helping it deliver the right message at the right time.

Moving past the anxiety about AI’s impact, Here are three reasons why CMOs should tell their teams to cheer—not fear—the power of AI:

Enables more precision

Marketers are awash in data. New technologies and channels are creating billions of customer interactions, yet marketing teams alone are not equipped to consume or mine all this data to target and engage each customer at the speed and scale required today. With the help of AI, marketers have the ability to optimize campaigns, including selecting the appropriate content, at the right cadence, across all channels, and to select segmentations. And AI can uncover opportunities that are inaccessible without its “brainpower.”

Delivers better data insights

As data explodes even further in volume, velocity and complexity, AI can illuminate potential new customer journeys and new audience segments that were not obvious before.

Uncovers new opportunities for the customer

Think Amazon, where AI powers the recommendations that are seen when we log in to our account such as the movies we should watch or the groceries we should buy. Increasingly, Amazon will be selling you things you didn’t even know you needed because it has learned what you like and are most inclined to buy.


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