The Big Data Revolution (with the help of Machine Learning , Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence) can transform our world in a “Big Brother Nightmare”… It could be… but, The Big Data can at the opposite improve our lives for a better tomorrow. Choosing the humanist way will be only a human choice…

#1 -Anticipating Meteorological Crises

By combining marine observation sensors, ocean’s waves & currents + other data with analytical tools running with Machine Learning, researchers can develop predictions of tsunamis and other natural disasters, and so saving the lives of thousands of people living in coastal areas.

#2 – More Saved Premature Babies

By being able to monitor over 1,000 data points per second, researchers have made a surprising discovery: prematurely born children with unusually stable vital signs have high fevers the next day. Thus informed, doctors can now take preventive measures and save more premature babies lives.

#3 – Improving Aviation Safety

Data analysis is used to improve flight performance and aviation safety, reduce turbulence and identify engine failures 2,000 times faster than ever before. Aeronautical data also helps to refine flight plans and inform staff that a part must be replaced a long time before it is found to be defective
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