Application Performance Monitoring is about CommunicationWhile watching the current Olympics, it brings to mind the amount of teamwork and communication necessary to achieve success.  As in life or business, you cannot succeed without effective communication. 

As an example, take a look at the sport of team biking.  Professional bikers are allowed to use radios to communicate.  An Olympic biking team is not allowed to use radios.  Therefore, an Olympic rider can rely only on what he sees.   One point of view.  No idea of what is going on around him.  Even though the Olympic bikers are a team, they must act individually because there is little to no communication between them, putting the team at a great disadvantage.

With a communicating team of bikers, there are several points of view to give the team an entire picture.  They can tell what is happening at any stage of the race; front, middle and back of the pack.  Who is creeping up in the pack that could give them trouble and who is of no threat at all.  Communication.

The Olympic bikers work like the silo approach utilized by many IT departments for application monitoring.  Everyone paying attention to their individual situation, not seeing any other applications or issues around them.

How cost effective is it to have numerous people monitoring numerous applications, each with their own view?  Would it be more effective to have everyone monitoring a single view of all applications?  Absolutely!  By using an application performance monitoring solution to monitor these applications and see the big picture, are you more likely to head off an application issue?  No doubt!

Nastel’s AutoPilot M6 is an application performance management solution that provides a powerful mechanism for managing the performance of complex, composite applications and their transactions.

Communication and visibility is what your organization needs.  To find out how to get a clearer look inside your IT workings, click here to visit the Nastel Technologies website.