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The Black Hole in Digital Performance Management

By Jason Bloomberg February 22, 2017 For today’s enterprises, digital performance means far more than a snappy website and mobile apps. In reality, end-to-end performance is critical to keeping customers happy and, in turn, achieving the strategic goals of the business. End-to-end digital performance presents a tricky challenge, as every link in the chain must [...]

3 Ways to Solve App Performance Problems with Transaction Tracking – Part 2

In part 1, I discussed the important of tracking applications and how that is similar to tracking packages.   However, there is one significant difference between the two, applications don’t have bar codes.  The collecting of the tracking events as the data moves through the application requires additional processing.   There are many techniques for doing this.   [...]

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The Business Importance of Fast Data, Real-time Analytics & Transaction Tracking

Enterprise-Grade Digital Transformation Lately, there’s a lot of talk about something called “digital transformation”. Is this really,”a thing”?  Apparently, it is.  Digital transformation is the process of shifting your organization from a legacy approach to new ways of working using emerging technologies. […]

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How Fannie Mae Used DevOps to Improve Its IT Operations

Fannie Mae, the government-sponsored housing giant that provides liquidity to the mortgage market, does not want to be thought of as a giant — or act like one. And it’s using DevOps to transform itself. A DevOps mythology is one that encourages software developers to work with IT operations staff on testing and quality assurance [...]

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Using Big Data Analytics to Improve IT Operations

To deliver high-performance and stable IT operations, staffs end up taking shortcuts, bypassing automated and manual processes. Eventually, it leads to applicaton defects and infrastructure failures. Nevertheless, IT departments need to be able to control their environments, diagnose and pre-empt problems and incidents. Unfortunately, most of existing IT tools don't collect adequate data and don't [...]

MIT’s answer to global health issues: Democratizing big data analytics

Discover how medical professionals and MIT researchers are using data-enabled systems to help doctors around the world make the best healthcare decisions. If you think it's hard to keep up with all the new software and hardware innovations, imagine doctors trying to stay abreast of medical advances. "While wonderful new medical discoveries and innovations are [...]

5 Ways Banks Use Big Data Analytics To Win Back Customer Confidence

Despite the industry’s robust growth and the fact that banks have been an integral part of the fabric of society for hundreds of years, the public view the banking community with suspicion. Customers focus on issues like security breaches, lack of service expansion, and poor customer service, while the banking fraternity look to the heavens [...]

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Big Data Analytics Helping to Predict and Prevent Cyber Attacks

Expanding mobile/online banking channels, the rise of algorithmic trading, and escalating regulatory requirements have dramatically increased the amount of customer, business, and transactional data that financial organizations must store and protect. The unrelenting growth of Big Data can be a double-edged sword for financial institutions; while it presents valuable opportunities to streamline operations and improve [...]

Differences between Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

What is Data Mining? Data mining is an integrated application in the Data Warehouse and describes a systematic process for pattern recognition in large data sets to identify conclusions and relationships. Using statistical methods, or genetic algorithms, data files can be automatically searched for statistical anomalies, patterns or rules. Wikipedia defines Data Mining as “Data [...]

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5 key things to make big data analytics work in any business

It’s one thing to understand the principles of big data analytics, but it’s another to ensure projects are successful. As an early adopter of advanced and predictive data analytics, Hotels.com has gained in-depth knowledge on providing consumers with a personalised user experience and custom-made recommendations. Drawing on data from clickstreams, reviews, personal preferences, and hotel [...]

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