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Three tips for container DevOps in the cloud

What have we learned from deploying container-based applications to the public clouds? Some best practices are emerging Devops in the cloud is all the rage. Take the speed and always-improving processes and toolchains of devops, add hugely scalable and self-configuring public cloud endpoints, and the end result is pretty much zero latency between the need [...]

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The Cutting Edge Of IoT

The rising availability of IoT sensors, coupled with improved network connectivity, has created a tremendous new source of data for businesses to capitalize on. In agriculture, IoT data helps improve production yields and support sustainable production for the environment. In manufacturing, IoT enables devices to work more efficiently on the assembly line. From smart homes [...]

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5 Critical Metrics When Deciding What To Automate In AIOps

What are the best ways to apply AIOps in your IT environment? Here are five key metrics to consider. AIOps - We automate for three benefits: to improve responsiveness, remove drudgery, and deliver consistent results. But automation has consequences, too. As you automate you're potentially creating technical debt. The automated procedure must be kept up to [...]

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Why Machine Learning Hasn’t Made Investors Smarter

Machine Learning - Hedge funds have been in the doldrums and face mounting pressure to justify their fees. Will artificial intelligence come to the rescue? A growing number of hedge funds are putting money behind the idea that a branch of AI called machine learning could provide a way to get back on top. The problems? It’s hard, expensive and prone [...]

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Lawmakers urge Trump to take reins of massive Pentagon-Amazon cloud computing deal

President Trump is facing growing pressure to step in and halt his favorite corporate punching bag, Amazon, from securing a historic, $10 billion contract to lead the Pentagon’s 21st-century cloud computing efforts. With Amazon rival Oracle Corp. expected to argue in court Wednesday that the entire bidding process has been marred by conflicts of interest and secret meetings, key lawmakers are [...]

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U.S. Coast Guard Issues Alert After Ship Heading Into Port Of New York Hit By Cybersecurity attack

The U.S. Coast Guard has issued an official warning to owners of ships that cybersecurity at sea needs updating, and updating urgently. In the Marine Safety Alert published June 8, the Coast Guard "strongly encourages" that cybersecurity assessments are conducted to "better understand the extent of their cyber vulnerabilities." This follows an interagency investigation, led by the [...]

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How Insurtech Can Help Employers Attract Talent

Insurtech - The insurance sector and HR go a long way back – the current system of employer-sponsored health insurance in the U.S. started in the late ‘20s when an official at Baylor University Hospital in Dallas noticed that Americans were spending more on cosmetics than on healthcare. The Baylor Hospital then came up with [...]

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Investing In The Internet Of Things Security

Since security has immediate and future consequences, what is the real cost of solving — or not solving — the internet of things security problems? Introduction Security is a complex challenge. As the smart, autonomous future dawns upon us, the risks for the rapidly growing intrinsic web of connected things across cyberspace, aquaspace, geospace, and space (CAGS) [...]

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