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The Top 8 Predictive Analytics Tools – Learn about the top tools for enterprise users

Including how to choose among a set of key features to find out which predictive analytics tool is best for your business. These days nearly every enterprise wants to have predictive analytics capabilities. This corresponds to growing interest in Big Data and artificial intelligence. In some recent surveys, more than 90 percent of organizations say they believe predictive analytics will [...]

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How Cloud Environments Will Evolve During Next Few Years

Many businesses are operating in the cloud to take advantage of the scalability and agility offered in these environments. As more and more organizations make the move, Gartner Research has predicted 80 percent of enterprises will retire their traditional data centers by 2025. Let us repeat: 2025! However, there’s a new trend emerging that might [...]

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Why modern enterprises need to adopt cognitive computing for faster business growth in a digital economy

Modern enterprises must be equipped with necessary digital strategy and technological infrastructure to integrate cognitive computing systems into key business processes to elevate the value proposition of services on any scale. Cognitive computing (CC) technology revolves around making computers adept at mimicking the processes of the human brain, which is basically making them more intelligent. [...]

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Why You Need DevOps and the Cloud – Two of today’s biggest Tech Trends

Why You Need DevOps and the Cloud DevOps and the cloud are not only two of today’s biggest tech trends, but are inextricably linked. Research from DORA’s 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report and Redgate’s 2019 State of Database DevOps Report outline a clear correlation between cloud and DevOps adoption, with the two working together to contribute to greater [...]

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Lawmaker Predicts 2019 “The Year Of Blockchain”

On the first day of this year's DC Blockchain Summit in Washington, D.C., concern that a heavy-handed approach from the federal government could stifle blockchain innovation in the United States was lessened by the regulators themselves, who told attendees that they generally support allowing the technology to flourish. That message was reinforced on day two of the [...]

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