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The Times They are a-changin

Changing the law to allow e-business to be as legally effective as business

What happens when you move to the public cloud?

Cloud computing clearly offers some very attractive benefits for significant elements of an enterprises business. Many companies have made the move (generally in-part) to the public cloud; Moving major parts of their application stack to Amazon, Microsoft and others, reducing their in-house data centers, moving from a mainly capital expense to a mainly operation expense [...]

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What is IBM MQ?

IBM MQ (often called “MQ”, WebSphere MQ or “IBM MQ”) is IBM’s Message Oriented Middleware offering that enables an asynchronous program-to-program communication via queues. It has been designed to operate largely as a “black-box”, in that it supports unattended operations, and is largely transparent to applications, and runs as multiple background processes. It enables applications [...]


Nastel XRay for MQ delivers Tracing for MQ for FREE

Nastel XRay for MQ delivers Tracing for MQ for FREE Nastel XRay is a comprehensive analytics platform. We're delivering Nastel XRay for MQ to provide IBM MQ administrators with the ability to trace MQ and analyze MQ calls. The purpose of the Nastel XRay for MQ is to be a tracing utility, and to analyze [...]

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Transaction Tracking vs Message Tracking

First let’s define simply what message tracking and transaction tracking are: A message is an electronic instance of data that was sent from one place to another A transaction is the processing of a user’s request throughout the entire application stack Messages are point to point, while transactions weave through the multitude of systems and [...]

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